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Exit draught enters VP Chiwenga

08 Nov 2019 at 11:21hrs | Views
The vice president of Zimbabwe comrade Constantino Guveya Chiwenga is set to return to Zimbabwe from a hospital in China. This comes after a full recovery of an illness which rumour paddlers have said it was an attempt on his life through poisoning. Rumour militiamen seized control of the social media in Zimbabwe clashed with reason and reality outside the proper Zimbabwean situation. The government has kept silent about  the escalation of the violent rumour crisis that has gripped the capital for days, raising fears of a coup in Zimbabwe or a capitulation of the incumbent. This has caused economic instability in one of the African world's most impoverished and insecure states.

The president, Emerson D Mnangagwa  viewed by many as a crucial reengagement ally, has not shown signs of fear. He made no public statements as the rumour escalated, though close colleagues insisted that the nation was safe and sound.

Later on Tuesday, the most senior Civil Servant Misheck Sibanda gave a televised speech  announcing the appointment os senior officers and the reshuffling of the CIO where the under fire Deputy Director General was removed in an apparent demotion presented as promotion. This indicates that the advances by Chamisa to accelerate political changes they have demanded, is just a bluff and that there is no attempt to depose the sitting president. But if the president does not respond, to quell the rumour mill "all unnecessary theories will be open.

The mayhem that has convulsed Harare which left the nation in sixes and tens has also left citizens facing a blackout on their Vice president as the country is seized by crises, including spreading economic abyss and widespread hunger. The turmoil has been increasingly worrisome to SADC officials because ZIMBABWE is the main supplier of refugees which has asserted responsibility for a number of attacks, most notably the deadly assault on the foreigners in South Africa.

While the World oppose ZANU PF they have vowed to curb Its influence on ED's government, which has cooperated with the world in its open door policy.

But the presumed attacks on masses has cast doubt of any adherence to humans rights The West condemns the recourse to violence and urged dialogue. Unfortunately the West is dictating who to dialogue with and how to dialogue.

The violence on people is said to have started when MDC A mobs swept into Harare promoting the crucial destruction of crucial government installations, schools and toll gates vowing to force government to carry out political and economic reforms and to accept defeat even though counting of votes was still underway. The Opposition youth movements had consolidated its control in the capital and beyond.

But The opposition have caused resentment as they have attacked rivals, including mainstream political parties, misgivings among segments of the public suspicious of their heavy-handed tactics, and a violent reaction to their own members who dared breathe sense.

In his speech, Mr Chamisa of the MDC was trying to  strike themes that aimed to win his movement supporters, framing his mob attacks on the government  as a reaction to what he called Mr ED's stubbornness and corrupt political class, which had "abdicated" responsibility.

Speaking against a backdrop that read "the revolution continues," he praised The demonstrations and tried  to reach out to regional powers, including South Africa. The West views the Zimbabwe government as a human rights abusers and has begun withholding financial aid to Zimbabwean government.

The demands by Mr. Chamisa who accused President Mnangagwa of protecting corruption, also reflected his movement's narrow preoccupations, notably concerns about their internal power struggle. The MDC have objected to a plan that would unite Zimbabwe through dialogue perhaps fearing it would diminish their newly acquired power of being life time opposition.

"We are determined, and we will never hesitate to impose any action and call foe demonstrations necessary," Mr Chamisa said.
Some Western countries pointed that some MDC A demands were "quite legitimate."

"It's the means they use to implement them that are counterproductive," Their use of force to get what they want has created "a scenario where you do have the prospect of real collapse and never taken seriously by the government. Mnangagwa opts to fight opponents at home with fire and those abroad with softness of the wool.

American officials in Zimbabwe said that United States ambassador  had come under fire but that no further action was taken by Zimbabwe except a ministerial retraction and denial.

Currently the squabbling for dialogue has not helped the nation. The economy ha gone down and the draught has not been helpful.
Zimbabwe is bleeding and the talks of a coup are making thing worse and are meant to destroy our economy further.

Zimbabwe now needs a spirit of working together.  Together as a country we will stand and divided we will fall.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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