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Chamisa, Mnangagwa dialogue no longer possible without external force

11 Nov 2019 at 22:06hrs | Views
Too much has already been said and done by our current political protagonist that dialogue between President Nelson Chamisa's MDC-A and President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Zanu-PF is no longer possible without an external force.

The first issue of unresolved contention was who between the two parties is to call for the dialogue process. The two party's positions have remained the same up to now. Several windows opened and closed owing to this significant sticking point.

The possible solution to this convening predicament has been for the church to step into the gap. The major problem for the church has been that of operating using similar hierarchical structure's to those found in politics. This means that proposals and solutions are also mainly driven by the upper layers of leadership devoid of input from lower levels of society. In my view the total disregard of input in governance from lower levels of society is our greatest governance problem in Zimbabwe. Some might confuse this to voting rights periodically in elections but I mean the day to day running of our communities at our community levels.

The church's predicament has recently been exposed by the sabbatical proposal forwarded to political parties in the country. This proposal as many other previous moves by the church clearly highlight the limited level of consultation in formulation, practicability assessment and presentations of plans. Their work will be noble but to a certain extent limited in legal, political implications assessment or other areas that suggest a lack of consultation before their presentations. To a certain extent you can also see a lack of divine intervention through prayer and fasting.     

Moving forward the only solution from all said and done is a strong external force (not in the current political system) that is respected, listen to and inclusive in its approach. Personally I am against a foreign mediator for I have always said since independence for all our major political conflicts we have continued to have such solutions. As a nation approaching 40 years of independence it's high time we seat down as a people to determine our own governance and political future alone.

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Terence Simbi
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