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Cain Mathema's appointment as Education Minister a disaster for Mthwakazi

12 Nov 2019 at 09:25hrs | Views
The recently announced changes in the cabinet by Mishack Sibanda effected by Emerson Mnangagwa government leaves a lot to be desired.

Cain Mathema is a former member of the Froliz party which later joined Zanu PF. He is well known for being a sellout back dating to the days of the liberation struggle.

Let me relate a scenario. Sometime around 2012,  at Greys Inn Hotel in Bulawayo with my longtime cde Zakhele Ndebele a ZPRA freedom fighter and one Thabani Khumalo, we met Cain Mathema who was the Matebeleland North Governor back then. So we started making some deliberations on certain Mthwakazi challenges wherein people like him are in the government of the day.

This newly appointed figure to be the Minister of Education is the one who brought more Shona teachers in Matebeleland North between 2007 and 2008 when many Ndebele teachers left for South Africa and Botswana.

He said I quote "I am not a tribalist, when the Ndebele teachers quit their jobs seeking for greener pastures I was left with no choice but to seek for deployment of Shona teachers from the then President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe," he boasted by then and said he reported to Mugabe once per week every Monday and Robert Mugabe would not take tribal issues but only wanted developmental issues where he challenged me to bring developmental issues to him not tribal issues. Said Mathema.

His utterances shocked me and led me to cut the discussions with him promptly because his remarks were reminiscent of the facts on the table and he sounded an illusionary that has been captured and harnessed to be a conduit for the Shona 1979 Grandplan. To me he really appearsounded like a driven brut horse on a cart to perdition.

Apparently Matebeleland North is flooded with so many shona teachers, nurses,  policemen and other civil service workers as a result of the tamed and castrated mules of service like Cain Mathema.

*Now that he has been appointed to the Ministry of Education that means we should expect more Shona teachers in the whole of Matebeleland and Midlands alias Mthwakazi.*

Cain Mathema is no different from Sithembiso Nyoni the Minister of Small Medium Enterprises who recently said that she could not employ Ndebele ward and District coordinators because our people do not have ordinary Level qualifications which is a big insult on our people since we are aware as MRP that our data base has a lot of young people having qualifications from ordinary level up to Degrees.

Cain Mathema is no different from Obert Mpofu who brought a lot of Shonas to Umguza District, he brought them so that they could vote for him everytime they would be elections to keep him politically relevant.

This Cain Mathema is no different from the likes of Jacob Mudenda who is the current speaker of parliament and was the first governor of Matebeleland North under Zanu PF in 1980. Mudenda has been a government official for so long, notwithstanding the fact, he has failed to bring developments in Binga particularly in the education sector where most schools in Binga are just in a sorry state or rather do not qualify to be schools as most of the them are built on dagga and are grass roofed. We lament such betrayal by our own people in governance who have become cruel persecutors of their own.

Ironically Cain Mathema,  Obert Mpofu and Jacob Mudenda crossed the floor to join Zanu PF way back before the so called  Unity Accord of 1987 and the so called  independence. The three gentlemen seem to be the beneficiaries of both the 1979 Grandplan and the Gukurahundi-Genocide of 1983-1987.  My instincts tell me that the three were a conduit in the killings of our people through the Gukurahundi-Genocide.

As Mthwakazi people let's brace for more Shona teachers as long as Cain Mathema is now in the helm of Education.  Apparently when he boasted of having brought many Shona teachers in Matebeleland North I told him that he seemed to be more obsessed  about the input whereas I am more concerned of the output.  Many of us will remember that Matebeleland North recorded zero per cent pass rate on Grade Seven final examinations  two years back and the biggest contributor to this end is realized in the very fact that Matebeleland North is flooded with Shona teachers. Without being devisive and personal, it has been proven that most of these imported labors are only out there for just employment and nothing for the development of the province. Nor do they even care if Matabeland improves.

Some good sources revealed that some time the education  office in Lupane tried to change this by only employing teachers from Matebeleland, and particularly local language teachers, some  unscrupulous shona aspiring teachers reported this to Harare sighting that they were not being employed in Matabeland and suddenly Lupane office and other district's education offices were stripped of their powers to employ teachers and the task was transferred to Harare with the education office in Lupane and other districts in Mthwakazi recieving deployment list for schools. Inversely such is the evil we expect Mathema to reverse so as to give back the provinces and districts their right to employ the teachers as they see fit for their province and districts.

Mathema has been appointed to the Ministry of Education after having been appointed the Minister of Home Affairs and Heritage by the same Emerson Mnangagwa, and during his tenure as the Home Affairs minister he failed to address the flooding of Shona policemen in the whole of Mthwakazi. Shona policemen are even found in the most remote areas where our parents,  grand parents cannot speak and understand Shona language. To people like Mathema all this was normal and it serves the national purpose and the so called Zimbabwe is a unitary state mantra by the Shonas whilst they are the worst tribalists disguised as Nationalists.

Recently some two weeks ago a report was given to me that more than 80% teachers in Lupane district are shonas and in some schools these teachers use Shona when engaging parents in the School meetings . How then do we expect a good pass rate from our children.

As MRP we are prepared to have schools not opening in January 2020 to make sure that all Shona teachers are removed from our schools. We will shut down schools for even a term. We have to fix this rot of the 1979 Grand plan once and for all in our midst. We won't be deterred by anything and we mean it. We will shut down the schools. The same Zanu PF government led by Emerson Mnangagwa once closed our schools for some two to three good years during the Gukurahundi-Genocide in 1983 to 1987. The school closures were a forced project on us whilst many people who included Ndebele teachers were killed during this period.

During this moment when our schools were being closed in Mthwakazi during the Gukurahundi-Genocide era Shonas were continuing learning in Mashonaland and development was taking place in the whole of Mashonaland. Now the same shonas who are the beneficiaries of the 1979 grandplan and the after effects of the Gukurahundi-Genocide call us uneducated people. Not only that,  they keep pushing us out of any system and taking over the reigns.

We are taking our struggle to the next level,  our oppressors cannot teach our children, our oppressors cannot control or determine our destiny. We refuse to be bullied by the Shonas. Enough is enough. The time has come for us to take our struggle to the next level.

Nothing for us without us.

Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sizakulungisa.

MRP For Peace And Justice in our Lifetime.

Mqondisi Moyo MRP President.

Source - Mqondisi Moyo MRP President.
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