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Mnangagwa tries to eradicate poverty by killing the poor

13 Nov 2019 at 07:33hrs | Views
Mr E.D.Mnangagwa campaigned saying that the average person's wealth and net worth would increase in Zimbabwe by such and such a date. The whole country assumed that he meant that there would be jobs created and people would get incomes that would lift them above the poverty datum line.

Little did we know that he meant to achieve this by killing the poorest Zimbabwean and thus raise the average income that way. How is he achieving this? He has decided to order his Ministry of health team to fire all of the doctors in the public hospitals.

When Minister S.B. Moyo catches a cold, he is immediately flown to South Africa to a private hospital. When my 25 year old nephew was diagnosed with a heart disease last month that needs specialists to operate on him, he had to apply for a passport so that he can go to South Africa for an operation. When he got to the passport office, he was shouted at and asked why he is only coming now to apply for passport? Why did he not always have a passport on standby in case of emergencies? He was belittled in that passport office and no thought was given to the fact that he could not afford a passport and now had borrowed money  to get one because of his desperate situation. He was finally told that he could not apply for a passport and that he should just go back home. Someone who had overheard the loud conversation, suggested to him that he should talk to  a human rights group and get them to fight for him to get a passport and they gave him a phone number for the human rights' group. He is still fighting to get a passport so that he can try to get his operation done in South Africa.

It is sad that the man that so many had hoped would rebuild Zimbabwe is busy playing power politics with the doctors and firing them all just to try to gain the upper hand by later offering to rehire them and reinstate their benefits if they toe the line. This is all being done at the expense of the poor in Zimbabwe who are dying while Mnangagwa makes his calculated moves.

It is sad that Zimbabwe has a president whose only concern is staying in power and lining his own pockets. There is a saying in our village that "the stomach of the thief is never satisfied even after eating a whole cow". This is proving to be the case with E.D. and his friends as they continue to plunder the wealth of the country without a thought for the common man. There is a God up there so, Mr President, we will watch and see what sort of end you will have and whether you will truly enjoy your ill-gotten wealth that has cost so many lives.

From Vusa Sigola

Source - Vusa Sigola
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