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Mnangagwa to abolish VP post reserved for Ndebeles in Zimbabwe govt?

14 Nov 2019 at 07:41hrs | Views
The toxic politics of tribalism and clanism continues unabated in Zimbabwe as the process of "de- Zezurunisation" and "Karanganisation" of government and all sectors which begun when Mnangagwa (Karanga) took over as President in 2017 is almost complete.

In the recent cabinet reshuffle Mnangagwa fired ministers from other tribes and replaced them with his family members, close friends, clansmen and home boys.

Notably Matabeles have been excluded from the security cluster for the first time since the so called Unity Accord. They have been shut out of the Joint Operations Command, a supreme organ that co-odinates state security in Zimbabwe. This raises a lot of questions as to why now? Is the Shona supremacist government now viewing Matabeles as suspects and enemies of the state again who should be starved of security information? Are these first preparations for war?

Ndebeles have been removed from the all important security cluster particularly Home Affairs which was reserved for them thanks to the Unity Accord. If Mnangagwa continues in this direction, the masses should not be surprised to wake up one morning to the news that the second VP post which is the highest position reserved for Ndebeles in the Zimbabwe government, yet the most inferior in the presidium, is abolished.

JOC's all Shona membership

 - Oppa Muchinguri- Defence Minister.

 - General Philip Valerio Sibanda - Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Force.

 - Lieutenant General Chimonyo- Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army.

 - Air Marshal Elson Moyo- Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

 - Commissioner Godwin Matanga- Commissioner the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

 - Major General (Ret.) Paradzai Zimondi- Head of the Zimbabwe Prison Service.

 - Isaak Moyo- Director of Central Intelligence Organization.

 - John Magudya- Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

MLO has been tirelessly tracking Mnangagwa' s poisonous politics of tribe since the day he occupied the President's office on the back of a military coup in 2017.


Unlike other professional armies in the world whose roles are strictly to defend their nations, the Zimbabwe army doubles as a tool of political change in the ruling party. Former President Robert Mugabe stands as an example that he who does not have control of the army in Zimbabwe falls by the way side. Hence the army was Emmerson Mnangagwa's first port of entry towards wholesale tribal changes.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces ZDF Commander, General Philip Valerio Sibanda replaced Rtd General Chiwenga who threw away his camouflage and took up a position of Vice President after leading a successful coup.

Zimbabwe National Army Commander, Lt Edzai Absolom Chimonyo, replaced Valerio Sibanda who was promoted to the position of Zimbabwe Defense Forces Chief.

Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe, Air Marshal Elson Moyo replaced Perence Shiri who was appointed as Minister of Agriculture.

Director General of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Isaak Moyo, replaced Happyton Bonyongwe.

Commissioner General for Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Godwin Matanga replaced Augustine Chihuri . Godwin Matanga is Manyika and soon he will be replaced with a Karanga so is Paradzai Zimondi.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services General still held by Paradzai Zimondi. Change is coming here.

Chairperson for Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Priscilla Chigumba, replaced Rita Makarau. Priscilla Chigumba is accused of cooking up 2018 Presidential election results in favour of President Mnangagwa.

Home Affairs Registra General, Clemence Masango replaced Tobaiwa Mudede.

Chairperson of the Civil Servants Commission, (CSC) Vincent Hungwe, replaced Mariyawanda Nzuwah.

Commissioner General of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Gershem Pasi was replaced with Ms Faith Mazani.


The cabinet is now dominated by Karanga people, Mnangagwa's close relatives and friends. More than half of permanent secretaries are Karanga.

The changes extend to the banks and state owned companies where Karangas have become new bosses. This is in line with motos of the Lacoste faction "Chinhu chedu" (our thing) and "its our time to eat".

Count all these pivotal positions in the country and there is not even one Matabele person that was appointed. There were none during Mugabe's tenure, there are none in Mnangagwa's new dispensation. One million dollar question that Matabeles should ask themselves is that, are we Zimbabweans?

Any Matabele who mistakenly views themselves as Zimbabwean would be violently rejected by the anti- Matabele Zimbabwean political system. When Enos Nkala was given false political wings to fly, he struck his brothers with sword and publicly cursed the day he was born a Ndebele. But when the Shona supremacists were done using him he regretted joining Zanupf and died a very sad man. To the current Shona supremacist "favourites" like Kembo Mohadi who thinks Matabeleland genocide was good for nation building, Obert Mpofu who believes that he is the son of the late President, Sthembiso Nyoni who thinks that Matabeles are too dull to be employed in Zimbabwe and many other bootlickers in Zanupf, we say, your day is coming you will be discarded like a used condom.

To fellow Matabeles, compatriots and comrades we say, do not be deceived by cheap political rhetoric like "Zimbabwe is a unitary state" and false promises of devolution. Clear actions and speeches by Ministers remind us everyday that we are not Zimbabweans. Let us all unite behind MLO and fight for the restoration of Matabeleland independence and sovereignty.

As to the how part of it, here at MLO any method that will deliver our independence goes. If the situation demands that we take up AKs and shoot to our independence we shall do that without any hesitation.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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