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Mnangagwa should now engage Prophet Makandiwa to stop this, 'economic rot'

22 Nov 2019 at 07:34hrs | Views
  • A shortage of foreign currency has put Zimbabwe in a dire economic situation with little means for short-term recovery.
  • The government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa will face increasing pressure from popular protests, which could prompt a hard crackdown.
  • Mnangagwa is in a race against time, as a further depletion of currency reserves could threaten his ability to sustain wage payments to the security forces.
  • Long-term relief for Zimbabwe will require significant investments that the country cannot undertake at present due to the lack of significant currency reserves or access to lines of credit
  • Only in Zimbabwe where doctors are fired.

But as people flood into the streets to demand economic relief, there is little Mnangagwa can do. The government's hands are tied by the economic reality, and while the administration may be able to introduce minor measures to postpone total collapse or maintain control over the country, there is no ready solution for the underlying factors that ail Zimbabwe's economy. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking for the government, as shortages of fuel and cash are disrupting public services such as garbage collection — another issue that could inspire even more protests. What's more, if Harare completely loses the ability to pay wages, it would eventually affect the security forces on whom the government's rule depends.

In the past, Zimbabwe has relied on loans to guarantee its government budget, but constant deficits have depleted reserves, while the inability to repay outstanding debt means it can no longer obtain new loans. Even China, which backed Mugabe and is now supporting Mnangagwa, refused to offer a $2 billion bailout at the end of 2018. Turning elsewhere, the Mnangagwa government reportedly requested a $1.2 billion loan from South Africa, but the latter declined. Instead, Pretoria is said to be considering a significantly smaller loan of around $7 million — well short of what Zimbabwe needs to address its acute problems. South Africa has also offered to negotiate on Zimbabwe's behalf in an effort to convince creditors to forgive outstanding debt so that Harare can open new lines of credit, but such an approach may not pay dividends soon enough; alternatively, even if it does, the funds might only provide a temporary palliative. Frustration will continue to well up within the population, with the calls for change likely to build until relief finally arrives.

At the end of the day, however, Mnangagwa rules thanks to his control over Zimbabwe's security forces, and their loyalty will go a long way toward blunting the protests. Nevertheless, even the security forces might eventually come to feel the effects of the widespread shortages if the government can no longer pay their wages. In all likelihood, Mnangagwa and his party have access to a number of private and unofficial financial resources they can use to kick the economic can a bit farther down the road. Right now, the future of the country's brittle government depends on it
With the recent attacks on the opposition supporters specifically MDC Alliance on Wednesday by the police, it is now crystal clear that Zimbabwe is now headed for a massive bloodshed. Recently Prophet Ian Ndlovu from Bulawayo issued a similar prophecy concerning bloodshed like the previous one that was ushered by Senior Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa early this year.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa of an inevitable foreign military intervention in Zimbabwe should there be any more bloodshed reminiscent of early January (2019) during the fuel protests when about 17 people were shot dead by soldiers. Addressing thousands of his congregants in Harare early this year, the charismatic televangelist said political leaders should be wary of unnecessary bloodshed and respect the sanctity of human life. "If this happens for the third time, it will not be good. We don't want anything that will provoke the bees (military) from outside. It won't be our army against civilians," he said. "This time they will get an equal opponent, and it is going to be army against army. We don't want that to happen because where we are now, there's still a chance. Makandiwa also explained his 2010 prophecy, where he said a soldier ran out of bullets while shooting civilians, saying the real interpretation to that was a national secret, where the country's armory reserves had actually depleted to low levels and the government was not even aware and not ready, should international security forces be deployed against the country.

While President Mnangagwa has pinned his hope on POLAD (an acronym for Political Actors Dialogue). Polad is a voluntary platform for national dialogue launched in May 2019. Polad was flamboyantly launched at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Friday, May 17, 2019. The "political actors" are mainly political parties and candidates who participated in the July 30, 2018 harmonized elections, wherein the biometric voter register (BVR) was used for the first time in Zimbabwe. Polad, which is still in its embryonic stage, has not yet suffered a still-birth, but has casualties as some actors have withdrawn their participation. This scenario is further aggravated by the fact that the MDC Alliance, a major contender in the 2018 elections and a befitting protagonist in the dialogue, shunned participation right from the onset. The political party initiative has failed to yield success so far and ED seems to be heading nowhere with this political party briefcases

Zimbabwe is not only in a dire state but, it has found itself in a terrible and horrible situation because of a leader who has failed to turn around the economy of the country since taking over the reins of power from the late President Robert Mugabe via a military coup. When ED came to power in November 2017 even a prisoner who was at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison during that time, had high hopes in him, considering that the country had only known Robert Mugabe, now that the old man is dead all the blame is now centered on Mnangagwa but the Midlands political strongman and godfather has failed to turnaround the wailing economy dismally, rather it is now time he consult the spiritual in the man of Prophet Makandiwa.

  • Time for the President  to turn to the spiritual ones as the physical have failed dismally
  • I have high confidence that a man in the capacity of Makandiwa have sharp policies that can help Mnangagwa to stop the rot.

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