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Institutional violence of the ZANU PF regime

22 Nov 2019 at 07:37hrs | Views
Police Attack on Civilians on the 20th of November 2019 is unacceptable and abhorrent. This conduct by the Zimbabwean government is an attack on humanity and a fight against positive progress in the country. We need Zimbabwe to champion and protect democracy and human rights, not the corruption that this President has chosen. It is such a terrible disservice to the country.

It is concerning that the Zimbabwean government has once again unleashed an unprecedented attack of violence on civilians. The members of the opposition, the MDC, who had gathered to hear leader, Nelson Chamisa, give his Hope of the Nation Address were attacked without a warning. This brutality and heavy-handedness by the Zimbabwean police should be condemned as it was unwarranted therefore should stop.

There is real, institutional aggression deep-seated within this ZANU PF regime. As we have observed over and over again the use of excessive force by the Zimbabwean military. The damage this ZANU PF administration has done nationally and internationally will take a lot of work to repair if ever. Extreme ZANU PF has led Zimbabwe with devastating consequences for our economy and environment.

Before you hold this circus up (MOPA bill) as an exercise in the protection of democracy- just ask yourself why a process that disallows due process and upholds brutality and harassment of opposition has been chosen. This bill seems to give more powers to the ruling government to deem any exercises undertaken by the opposition to be breaking the law.

The removal of the ZANU PF is itself considered offensive and one can be charged with treason irrespective of Mnangagwa's actions or behaviour with regard to the MDC crackdowns. With that being said we are tired of the ZANU PF regime and the military rule which involves the suspension of ordinary law. The sad part is to see that hope of living in a democratic Zimbabwe shrinking by the day.

African leaders think they have self-entitlement to leadership and ZANU PF thinks it has a God-given right to rule forever, fundamentally undermining the democratic process. I don't get how anyone with decent values or a belief in truth can support this wicked, evil man and his regime. Anyone thinking that Mnangagwa is a wonderful President are people of the lowest denominator. Zimbabwe needs and deserves a better leader in these turbulent times.

Human Rights Activist
Bigboy Sibanda

Source - Bigboy Sibanda
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