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Mnangagwa's repressive regime continues to brutalise innocent protesters

22 Nov 2019 at 11:40hrs | Views
For so many years we waited for it, even hoped against the hope that the long and painful draconian rule of Robert Mugabe would fall apart. Mugabe's hallmark was to pummel all those that didn't share his vision into submission through abductions and torture. And when that finally happened through a soft coup led by General Costantino Chiwenga, the excitement and euphoria was great whilst it lasted.

Mugabe's prodigy Emmmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in his maiden inauguration speech spoke of a new dispensation and a Zimbabwe open for business to all that deemed to invest.The trajectory of that speech gave hope to every Zimbabwean who cared to watch and listen.For a new dawn was on the horizon.

As much as it hurts to say it Mnangagwa is even worse than Robert Mugabe.Every peaceful protest is met by brutal disproportionate force in order to silence the masses.Its a well rehearsed and choreographed government stance to use brutal force to suppress ordinary citizens , since the days of Mugabe. Recently medical care providers ie Doctors and nurses went on peaceful demonstrations to ask the government for a living wage but sadly most were either beaten up or abducted under the cover of the night.

Mnangagwa's spin doctors continue to deny any involvement in regard with abductions.Within the last 48hours ordinary citizens who were just going about their business were severely beaten and some had broken limps. The government continues to deny their involvement citing violent protesters being put to order. Thank goodness that with the advent of new media anyone can be a journalist and record footage on their phones. Zimbabwe has become a failed state and it is so disheartening that ordinary citizens can not be allowed to voice their opinions on the way forward -without fear of reprisals

Source - Deborah Harry
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