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SB Moyo sanctions backtracking

22 Nov 2019 at 12:53hrs | Views
In what seems to be a major U turn, by the Zimbabwe Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, S. B. Moyo, whilst writing in the EU Observer.  He seems to have finally read the script and is apparently admitting that indeed, the EU, has lifted all bar 2 sets of Sanctions on Individuals and Entities from Zimbabwe.

It seems he wrote,

"EU sanctions mostly lifted

Yet we are pleased that the EU itself appears to have shifted position to meet Zimbabwe halfway.

Under the previous Zimbabwean administration, the country was subject to a range of economic sanctions of which, today, all but two have been lifted.

Whilst EU sanctions did not precisely preclude investment from all or any European businesses in Zimbabwe – as direct and prescriptive as they were stated to be - sanctions always have a broad and deleterious effect on any nation. Indeed, it must be said that this is their very point: to dissuade others from engagement. They are levied to increase risk.

Fortunately, that is now substantially dissipated by the start of formal ministerial-level dialogue. And there are so many opportunities for a new era of EU-Zimbabwe relations.

As with many countries in Africa, Zimbabwe has a surfeit of natural resources - from mining and extractive opportunities to fertile land for mass agricultural production.

Yet in our continent, Zimbabwe is exceptional in its level of literacy, educational standards, infrastructure and service industry experience. For advanced European markets, there are few other partners in Africa who can offer both such complementary and parallel comparison.

There is, indeed, already in place an interim EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) – ratified by the European Parliament in 2013 - with eastern and southern African countries that includes Zimbabwe.

Yet with strict rules on exports and the steep protectionist policies of the previous administration, little was done to take advantage of the opportunities that the interim EPA makes possible."

If this genuinely is S. B. Moyo, it provides those who were not on the Government of Zimbabwe's side, regarding the false narrative pushed by amongst others liar Nick Mangwana (as described by ZHRO following events at Chatham house earlier this year) the moral high ground.  This does however back up the claim that, the UK and the EU are the playground of ZANU PF affiliated Wholesale Looters and pillagers of Zimbabwe.  

Source EU Observer

Source - Thabo Makuyana
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