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Zimbabwe's current economic meltdown beyond description

01 Dec 2019 at 10:20hrs | Views
I am writing this piece writhing in agony because I see helplessness in our society with a moribund leadership on a broad scale. The current economic meltdown is beyond description especially given the God given resource endowments across the board. I cannot imagine that we have sunk so low in terms of national prosperity. Poverty levels are frightening and threten the very foundations of the nation's democracy if there is such in our country.

National Currency Dilemma

We were told that the introduction of a local currency  called the zimbabwe dollar to run pari pasu with the bond notes and bond coins would be a panacea to cash shortages. My argument has always been and remains that without the backing of real production of goods and  services thus the creation of wealth the treatment of symptoms will result in accelerating inflation and demise of the economy. The prediction has come true - accelerating inflation, the death of the once vibrant economy is Africa which compared well with other nations of the world. Please don't bring the argument about sanctions. That is besides the reason for our woes.

Corruption is more endemic now than ever before with those superintending the nation turning the other way and deeply involved in corruption. Let us look at the black market and it's usual supply of unlimited bond/zimdollar notes; there is more of these in the black market than in banks. Who supplies this market with these? Your guess is as goods as mine. Actually it's not a guess - the printers/minters are the only source. These printers/minters know exactly who they give such and can bring them to book if they are not part of the scam. Who are the printers/minters? RBZ/Government of Zimbabwe period.

Where do the osiphatheleni report to and why are they not arrested - there is a law which says they must be arrested? They,  obviously, are part of the corrupt system that allows their thrift activities to perpetuate. The whole country has been hiptonised such that noone can see the woods from the trees. Incredible!

Osiphatheleni/world bank in our midst are not a law unto themselves, they are an extension of a national assets stripping machinery representing officialdom. It is a machinery in full steam and unstoppable.

Exchange Rate

The availability or non-availability of any commodity determines it's exchane value. Because we have such appetite for  the U.S. dollar and because it is scarcely available and because all of us want to store our value in U.S. dollars the rate of exchange will always accelerate. As a country we don't create the USD, we must earn it and earn it through the production of export of goods and services. Leadership must spend their time not on ruling the populace but on offering incredible leadership. This phenomenon is so scarce in our country today. Oh country the beloved country.

Opposition Parties

Opposition parties,  MDC and ZAPU included, are in an unforgivable slumber (phakathi kobuthongo/kutorara hope). The current accelerating demise of a nation will devour all and sundry.

I cannot imagine that such visible signs of national destruction,  with intent, escapes leadership minds. Where are the party visionaries and strategists?
The old saying goes like: "if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there" do we know where we are going? If we do do we have a road map with checks and balances?

There is no nation that can survive the chronic shortage of health delivery services, the infrastructure decay - no electricity, no water(please don't argue that it is because of climate change). This was forseen by those with eyes and ears but the bufoons didn't,  no fuels. These are econimc enablers for goodness sake.


There is a crisis of unprecedented proportions and the nationals sit and wait for divine intervention. Please remember that manner do not fall from heaven any more as far as I  have known, regrettably,  over the years.

National Dialogue

Ever head of a dialogue of the deaf? Food for thought!

Kudala kwakungenje umhlab'uyaphenduka .......

JJD Dube
Former ZAPU Treasurer General and NEC Member.

Source - JJD Dube
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