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Who said black is bad?

03 Dec 2019 at 22:00hrs | Views
Almost everything if not all that is associated with misfortune, bad luck, bad omen and negative force is called 'Black'.

On highways a place that is notorious for road traffic accidents is labelled black spot. Fishermen will call it a black day when the catch is little on a day out. In a game of snooker its a  white ball that hits the black ball, signifying white supremacy.

The day when the Zimbabwe Dollar traded at its lowest is unenviably known as Black Friday. The list is endless but pointing to one notion, black is bad. Those who sing loudest on associating 'black' with 'bad' are none other than - I told you.

What most of my people forget is that in years gone, after Thanks Giving a big auction for the sale of slaves was held on a Friday hence the 'Black Friday Sale' gimmick and 'Sale Trade Cry'.

They were auctioning black slaves for use,  abuse and slaughter. Here we are today partaking and celebrating Black Friday.

Its alien and tragic to us Africans. Its not for us let them enjoy their devilish event with blood on their hands and nooses in bags. Who remembers those small round black sweets white in the middle OMG! Look carefully they are not smiling its a snarl.

When eating with the devil use a long spoon, you could end up part of his dinner. We shall all end up on the sanctions list, our crime, we are black.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

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Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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