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Political power is key to Matebeleland's existence

03 Dec 2019 at 22:04hrs | Views
Ever since Zimbabwe attained it's independence in 1980, the Southern region popularly known as Mthwakazi has never known peace. There has been an attempt by Shona supremacists to destroy the diverse people of this region better still this nation using all sorts of tools.

It is public knowledge that past and present tribalists leaders of ZANU-PF designed their satanic grand plan in 1979 which became their governing manual in 1980 when they fraudulently and violently won the elections against the late Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo in 1980, who had the support of majority across the political divide.

The real discussion today is not to dwell on the past and known struggles of our people, but to proffer a solution to this madness that threatens our existence as uMthwakazi people.

It is a fact that revolutions are led by visionaries, it is too risky to assume that time or fate will fix a nation's problems. Anger and hate alone can not lead a revolution, strategic planning, a well thought out plan, inspiration, passion and sobriety is needed to lead with a clearly defined vision and road map. This is what Mthwakazi needs.

I have to point out that the Shona tribalists then who hated Ndebeles and White people with a passion understood very well that they couldn't deal with their enemies effectively without political power and they needed it by hook or crook to the effect that nobody noticed their evil intentions, some prominent Ndebeles and Whites even helped them to achieve their grand plan before they fell victim of the very project they so much worked for, sacrificed for and even died for. Both Ndebele people and White people were fooled by the ZANU-PF tribal commando popularly known as the committee of 26.

These evil men were so cunning and dangerous, they are suspected to have killed their own comrades who didn't agree with their evil tribal supremacy. Once they got into power and settled in well they started implementing their evil ideas. They first made sure Zipra was entirely disarmed, before they unleashed Gukurahundi genocide that was targeting none Shona, thousands of Matabeleland people were killed, maimed, and or displaced, women were gang raped by the fifth brigade army which only had Shona people as it's soldiers.

They continued to unleash all sorts of weapons aimed at destroying the nation of Mthwakazi, they made sure they don't develop Matabeleland, they didn't build schools in Matabeleland those schools which are already there are staffed with people from outside Matabeleland rendering education useless and unattractive to our people because no matter how much they pass academically, it remains easy for a carmel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Ndebele people to be employed in government or private sector, those evil man even created their own history meant to undermine the people of Matabeleland and their rich history, in order to place the Shona tribe as supreme, just because they had the political power up to today fake history is taught at schools.

This group managed to whip the majority of their kinsman into line, and accepted the idea of institutionalization of tribalism to the extent that the piority and the prerequisite for anyone to get employment, tender, university or college enrollment is tribe than anything.

This is what political power has given them, they decide who goes to jail who doesn't, they decide who dies this year, who gets beaten or who is declared winner of elections, while we have become victims and perennial complainers with little success to correct the wrongs.

My point is Mthwakazi needs political power to protect herself from Harare tribalists who are determined to destroy this nation.

It's high time Matabeleland people realize how much they need to dump both ZANU-PF and MDCs and embrace a home grown political party that is all inclusive, that has a straight forward roadmap that is meant to empower people with clearly defined Short, Medium and long-term vision. Matabeleland leaders have spent a lot of their energies fighting amongst themselves, pulling each other down and competing amongst themselves at the expense of the very struggle they purporting to be advancing.

There is a need to convince our people that it is possible for them to free themselves by playing an active role in the politics of the day, it is also important for our political leadership in the region to understand political communication, be able to sell their vision to the public and get our attention.

Matabeleland needs to start governing itself, we can't continue having our local government administration being administered by strangers from ZANU-PF and MDC. We need to agree that no matter how much we insult them here on social media spaces, or no matter how angry we are it is not enough to win a struggle.

A well thought out plan for us, with sober minds at work can take us to another level. We have complained enough, insulted enough, demonstrated enough, now we need to go to the next level that is gaining political power. The opportunity is there both ZANU and MDC have failed beyond any reasonable doubt to unite internal let alone uniting this nation.

A United force of our charismatic leaders we currently have, will take us somewhere. We need to accept that we are better off united in our diversity than fighting  against ourselves, we need to agree that we can never think alike yet we need each other. We need to start focusing on increasing the number of our electorate, we need to start restructuring, reforming, refocusing and plan on winning council elections as soon as yesterday.

Who will administer Devolution of power in our space? We need to embrace a winning spirit and focus on things that matter. Prioritization of our targets and evaluation of our organizations progress is very important.

We shouldn't lose focus on who is our common enemy. We need to stop them right away from parceling our God given natural resources amongst themselves, while we watch and complain while doing nothing about it. Who is benefiting from our gold, land, timber, gas, tourism etc and why? Mthwakazi lets woke up and get our stolen voice and political power now.

Cde Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo "Usomlomo" wabantu writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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