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Do not give the devil undeserved 'credit'

03 Dec 2019 at 22:06hrs | Views
For sure witchcraft and witches do exist for different reasons and purposes. Just like thieves and robbers (another type of witchcraft), they are a menace to society and communities at large.

But, to people of my ethnic persuasion the belief in witchcraft is so deep rooted to the point of inhibiting households economic growth and development.

People spent valuable time and resources pointing fingers at each other instead of putting knuckles to the ground and shoulders to the wheel. You see someone working very hard day and night to have a better life only to be called a witch because has become successful in life.

That old woman staying alone in a tilted equally old hut, eyes coloured red by time and now stooped is labelled a witch because of old age.

A village township drug addict is said to have been witched yet everyone knows he snorts hard drugs and hashish. Known lazy 'buggers' are getting away with 'murder' claiming their unfortunate situations were caused by so and so.

 Livestock have been lost to bogus witch hunters who go about tricking innocent people leaving villagers at each others throats. Work the land and improve your situations. The Bible is very clear, 'The lazy shall not eat'. Do not give the devil undeserved 'credit', shame the evil one by working hard.

God is there to bless your effort, He does not bless what doesn't exist. In whatever we do God is watching and is only a prayer away.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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