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Zimbabwe being turned into a grand circus arena

07 Dec 2019 at 09:44hrs | Views
The main objective of the MDC party led by the late Dr Morgan Tsvangirai in 1999 at its formation was to dislodge Zanu Pf from power.

The fact that Zanu Pf has been in power since 1980 is not reflective of their support ,far from it. They have been the architect of Zimbabwe,s woes no matter how they lie to their village supporters that its sanctions that have brought Zimbabwe to its knees .

Factional fights in Zanu Pf have dominated the ruling Party since the days the late dictator Mugabe started angling ways for Grace "Gucci"to rise in Zanu Pf at expense of stalwarts in the party. This has been one of the greatest detrimental effects as energy was now used in these fights while the economy glided without a captain.

These factional fights had nothing to do with the ordinary man in the street. It is more of ethnicity rise of one tribe over another .The Karangas would rather suffer as long as one of theirs is in power , similarly Zezurus enjoyed Mugabe at the helm while they sank deeper and deeper into abject poverty.

Kasukuwere, Mai Mujuru, and all those past and present Zanu Pf members with the ruling Party DNA embedded in them will NEVER turn around the economy of Zimbabwe.They will come with words that belie their Zanu pf identity of not caring for people they purport to care for.

lt is all about power .Period .They need power to protect assets acquired in years of plunder because they were part of the gravy train.

When Kasukuwere and Matemadanda trade jibes its all circus at play .What will Kasukuwere change in the event he gets into power ?

Munangagwa came with promises now he is flying from one country to another just like his predecessor,accumulating flying hours like he is a pilot.

We should ask ourselves why is it these people suddenly have promises when they have been expelled or in the it the gravy train they miss?

Anyone who believes Zanu Pf will turn around fortunes of Zimbabwe can as well believe the Sun will sink in the East.

This is no time for circus. Zimbabwe deserves better than these clowns.

Source - A Kadada
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