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After decades of Police State misrule chicken have come home to roost - Police and soldiers are starving

08 Dec 2019 at 11:21hrs | Views
"The Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services portfolio committee said soldiers and police officers are being poorly fed, a situation that compromises their discipline and poses a grave danger to national security" reported Zimeye.

"The nine ration items per soldier per day translate to $54,98 per soldier per day. A paltry $103,17 million was allocated for this item, it is far below the minimum requirement," said Committee chair, Levi Mayiholme.

"It means that each soldier will survive on 39 cents per day, yet each meal is currently selling at an average price of $30.
"This implies that the soldiers are exposed to intolerable hunger which affects training and skills development programmes. It compromises the soldiers' discipline."

Zimbabwe is in a real economic mess and all because for the last 39 years the country has had the great misfortune of being ruled by individuals who are corrupt and incompetent. The chicken are finally coming home to roost.

As long as Zimbabwe remain a pariah state ruled by corrupt and incompetent thugs, the economic meltdown will only get worse!
Zimbabweans should not be particularly concerned about lack of discipline among those in the security services given that Zimbabwe is a police state and the demise of the Zanu PF dictatorship would never happen as long as the Police, Army, CIO remain doggedly loyal to the dictatorship.

After decades of those in the security services unlawfully propping up the Zanu PF dictatorship and living in a bubble; the bubble has popped and we welcome the Police, Army and CIO rank and file to the real Zimbabwe. If you survive the chaos and life threatening challenges ahead, none of you will ever support a dictatorship ever again!

If any of us survive because, right now, everything is in the air. In Zimbabwe, human life is as cheap as chips. Hospitals have closed, 7.7 million are facing starvation and there is no sign to suggest there will be any meaningful change as the Zanu PF ruling elite are clearly determined to hang on to power regardless of the human tragedy, suffering and deaths the dictatorship has caused. Brace yourselves, we are in for a real rough rid and there will be a lot wailing and gnashing of teeth.

One only hopes that we will emerge out of this wise after learning the many lessons from the tragic events of the last 39 years. After 39 years of the nation repeating the same foolish mistakes year after year; hope is very, very thin.


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