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No one has monopoly of civilization

08 Dec 2019 at 14:23hrs | Views
What the West can do for Zimbabwe is pay reparations for colonialism and human rights violations visited upon blacks during that dark era.

Germany is paying for its excesses and injustice during the war of nations, Japan is doing the same for their scotched earth policy during the Korean war, why should the West get away with 'murder' over Zimbabwe?

No one has a monopoly of civilization and no nation should be above the law. We are all equal before God and man.

In Chiweshe, Madziva and Mutoko people were put in concentration camps under the guise of protecting them from their own children, protecting blacks from their heroes and liberators.

Civilians would be shot and dangled from low flying helicopters to scare black youths from joining the war of emancipation. Innocent civilians were caged with no trial, schools were closed and shops shut.

We may forgive but will not forget. Instead of raising frivolous charges and wild accusations, Britain and her allies must pay Zimbabwe for their wrongs during the Chimurenga wars.

Today Zimbabwe is still fighting to eliminate foot-and-mouth cattle disease which is alleged to have been part of the Rhodesian chemical war programme to deny blacks beef and draught power.

Even the notorious and ever thirsty hyacinth water weed chocking our rivers today is alien to Africa let alone Zimbabwe. It is said to be part of the grand plan to kill our major water bodies.

Look at Manyame River and Lake Chivero today, they are choking with that evil weed. Who then should compensate who? Why hide behind a thin finger and cover faces with long hair. Pay reparations and be clean before God.

Thomas Tondo. Mash. Central.

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Source - Thomas Tondo
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