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Kasukuwere; a threat to ZANU PF and Zimbabwe?

11 Dec 2019 at 11:11hrs | Views
Saviour Kasukuwere aka Tyson is a figure who needs no introduction to the Zimbabwean political landscape.

Kasukuwere is a man who has served the nation of Zimbabwe in various portfolios since the tender age of 18 when he joined the National security services.

He came to the local political arena from the humble confines of Mashonaland Central until he rose to the all powerful position of ZANU PF National Political Commissar. This is a position which he held until the transition of  November 2017 which saw an end to factional contestations within the revolutionary Party ZANU PF.

When we say Tyson is no stranger to the Zimbabwean politics we mean that he has been through the systems of governance in Zimbabwe for almost half of his lifetime. He has devoted most of his time and resources towards serving the nation of Zimbabwe and the betterment of livelihoods of Zimbabweans at large through his participation in local governance.

His passion for the upliftment of the general population and in particular the Youths can not be over-emphasized.

 Kasukuwere, while he was Minister of Youth, Indegenisation and Economic Empowerment oversaw the empowerment of Youths through various projects that range from Mining, Agriculture, Small enterprises and Share acquisition in Multinational Corporations.
His passion still lives today for the total Economic Emancipation of the Indigenous Zimbabweans while uniting societies .

His passion today is to see our country grow its economy through various initiatives that include elevation of youth participation, eradication of Corruption and effective re-building of relations with the outside world in order to attract international goodwill in the fields of International Relations and Foreign Direct Investment.

Saviour Kasukuwere presents a chance for Zimbabweans at large and ZANU PF in particular for self renewal as he is a new crop of leadership which is set to transform national governance and build consensus around pertinent national issues.

The nickname Tyson means a man of firmness and boldness. A fearless man who is driven by passion and shear determination. He is not a thug. He is a responsible family man who believes in the virtues of unity of purpose including a state of convergence amongst political parties.

 Saviour Kasukuwere is a man seasoned by discipline acquired through years of training and service to the nation and he can be trusted with the affairs of the State.

Now with all this about the man the question that remains unanswered is whether or not Saviour Kasukuwere is really a threat to ZANU PF in particular or the people of Zimbabwe at large.

Here is the background.
Saviour Kasukuwere throughout his career in ZANU PF and government has never been rebellious. He was never expelled from ZANU PF or government for indiscipline. His subsequent expelling from ZANU PF late 2017 was by and large circumstantial. He was a victim of circumstances. The story is well known.

But to show his faithfulness and steadfast love for his country he has never spoken ill about this country or its current leadership. If anything he is a man who has deep respect for national institutions and its leadership such that he can never dream of any unconstitutional moves against any national leader.
Overall Saviour Kasukuwere is a man who believes in and respects constitutionalism.

To show his love for this country he has constantly returned to Zimbabwe where he faces trial for flimsy accusations. He has religiously served his suspension from ZANU PF party without speaking ill of the Party and its leadership. He is a faithful son of the soil who is forever attached to his motherland.
 Kasukuwere has remained invested in this country to show his undying patriotism.

Now what baffles the mind is the animosity recently displayed by some senior ZANU PF officials at the word that Kasukuwere aspires to be the next leader of this country.

Has it suddenly become a crime for any citizen to dream and have ambition? Has Kasukuwere suddenly lost his right to stand for election just like any other legal citizen?
We strongly believe that there is no purpose in attacking a fellow citizen who genuinely aspires to serve his nation.

Our politics have to be sanitized of this attitude where people feel threatened each time a patriot answers to the call to serve.

Our politics has to be cleansed of this ghost that hates competition. It was like that during the time of Robert Mugabe. Yet it can never remain the same under the New Dispensation. A lot of freedoms have been granted , guaranteed and exercised so far since the advent of the New Dispensation , but we believe that this will be the ultimate test of that commitment to democracy.

All citizens should be treated equally and no space should be closed  to participation for some citizens. That is the true essence of democracy.

Saviour Kasukuwere will come to the people in due season to announce the direction he will take. But for now Zimbabweans should refrain from attacking his personality for daring to exercise his democratic right. Instead we should embrace him and encourage him to live up to his promises.

The current President promised the nation that in his lifetime he will work to ensure that the next President after him will be younger than his generation.
In the same vein we should applaud  Saviour Kasukuwere for heeding the call by the President by taking the first step to make himself available.

It is therefore not surprising that those that are now demonizing him are only doing so out of jealous and spite. They reckon that  Kasukuwere now enjoys the first mover's advantage.
We therefore would challenge anyone opposing these moves to bring forth their valid reasons why  Kasukuwere cannot participate in the processes to become the next leader of this nation.

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