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Oppah Muchinguri is not fit to lead ZANU PF

16 Dec 2019 at 07:45hrs | Views
Probity is described as the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency. Probity is a necessary trait in leadership, public service and a demand of the ZANU PF constitution.

Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri at the just ended National People's Conference declared that Zanu-PF had been hijacked by high profile thieves. The greatest question is she herself morally fit to lead, does she exhibit probity in her own conduct?

Judging from her history and conduct it has become evident that her conduct in the discharge of her duties is inconsistent with her official responsibilities.

Section 106 (2) (b) of the Constitution; which deals with the conduct of Vice Presidents, Ministers and Deputy Ministers; stipulates that "Vice Presidents, Ministers and Deputy Ministers may not, during their tenure of office, act in any way that is inconsistent with their office, or expose themselves to any situation involving the risk of a conflict between their official responsibilities and private interests.'' Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri's continued stay as National Chairperson and Minister Defence is a blatant violation of the constitution.

Over the past few months, serious allegations of high level corruption and abuse of office have been raised against Dr Muchinguri Kashiri manifest in a number of ways to be discussed below.

1. USD 1 Million from Marange diamonds : Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri received upto 1 Million USD from then Marange Diamonds which was meant to finance the construction of housing units and structures at the Marange diamond fields. The houses were never constructed and the money was never paid back.

2. Undermining the authority of the Vice President Chiwenga and seeking to depose him through constitutional technicalities: Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri was holding meetings with central Committee members, MPs, Politburo members and MDC officials plotting to move a motion to have the Vice President replaced due to ill health and the length of his leave of absence, claiming that the Vice President was no longer fit nor capable of discharging his duties. Some of these meetings and allegations were reported in the media and made for juicy news snippets.

3. Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri masterminded the demise of fellow war veteran Joyce Mujuru and senior ZANU PF member Didmus Mutasa : It is no secret that Oppah Muchinguri is a liberation war junior who joined the liberation struggle in 1975 towards the end of the war. While Joyce Mujuru a senior cadre joined the war in 1973 when she crossed into Mozambique. Oppah Muchinguri did not want to be at the camps, she was forced into the liberation struggle. She never participated at the front lines and General Solomon Mujuru asked Joyce Mujuru to look after Oppah and make sure she was comfortable. Out of jealousy Oppah turned against Joyce Mujuru and used former first Lady Grace Mugabe to depose of the liberation war hero Joyce Mujuru.

The battles for the control of Manicaland are no secret. It is known that Oppah Muchinguri had always been junior and very unpopular in Manicaland. Many a times Oppah lost primary elections and was saved by the grace of Kumbirai Kangai and Robert Mugabe. Robert Mugabe had a soft spot for Oppah Muchinguri which most of us could not understand nor explain to this day. While Kumbirai Kangai was a defacto godfather who looked after Oppah Muchinguri in Manicaland. The death of Kumbirai Kangai left Oppah vulnerable in Manicaland and she spent a number of years outside cabinet. Oppah Muchinguri then used her proximity to Robert Mugabe and the first family to Bury Didmus Mutasa as a political opponent.

Oppah Muchinguri has always been at the centre of factionalism and ZANU PF lost valuable ground in Manicaland due to Oppah. Oppah Muchinguri is to blame for the way Dr Grace Mugabe treated Joyce Mujuru, Oppah is also to blame for the fallout between Dr Grace Mugabe and then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Oppah has always been a double agent famed for playing both sides against each other.

4. Indiscipline in Defence: For the first time in the history of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces there are reports of indiscipline. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been known to be a disciplined and professional force, this has changed under the leadership of Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.

While she is famed for being a champion of women's rights and bringing the Beijing declaration to Zimbabwe, Oppah remains an under achiever who has failed to handle most Ministries assigned to her and the ministry of Defence is yet another casualty of Oppahnomics.

5. Oppah has been G40 ever since the Tsholotsho declaration. Oppah Muchinguri has been known to be good friends and allies with Ignatius Chombo and Saviour Kasukuwere to the point of seeking political and financial favours from these known G40 Kingpins. If any hunt for senior politburo members aligned to G40 is to be conducted it should start at Oppah Muchinguri'doorstep.

Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri got state land in Manicaland and Mash West which is under the custody of Tabula Rasa a company run by her daughter. This is contained in the Uchena state land report, the commission was on the ground and got damning testimonies over Oppah Muchinguri who fronts her daughter in land, forex and other deals for personal gain.

Should we decide to go deeper Oppah Muchinguri would owe the nation an explanation as to how Josiah Tongogara died. General Tongo's widow has been demanding an inquest and answers over the death of her husband though these have been swept under the carpet and the poor widow has been left with fatherless children and unanswered questions.

Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri cannot be trusted, she has no probity at all. Oppah Muchinguri was referring to herself when she intimated that ZANU PF had been captured by high profile criminals. If ZANU PF had an ethics committee like the ANC then surely people like Oppah Muchinguri would be nowhere near the Presidium.

Source - Marilyn Sakabuya
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