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Mnangagwa, Cronies cannot lecture Ndiweni Clans on traditions and cultural systems

16 Dec 2019 at 09:15hrs | Views
Honestly, one can confirm it is hard to know where to begin on what is meant to be a simple matter that has seemingly been made unnecessarily sophisticated. The government of the day indeed survives better or feels good where there is confusion. Where there seems to be none, they would rather create some sort of confusion even if it is just a mere figment of their own imagination.

Anyway, I would begin all the same from any point of departure. It can be stated categorically, and without shame, but with full confidence that the understanding of Nguni cultural systems and excellence in traditional leadership as well as community or nation building is now an exact science to the Ndiweni Clan. When it comes to understanding of traditions and customs, the Ndiweni Clan counts its experience and knowledge of such practices not just in months or years, but in centuries!

The Chieftaincy has stood the test of all systems from time immemorial, has survived all manner of evil and evolved through many offensive attacks from various enemies putting on all strange masks. The Ndiweni Chiefdoms and related nations within the Nguni culture know exactly what works or doesn't under all sorts of circumstances. The Ndiweni Clan follows a system which has generated too many alternatives for all generations to make unnecessary mistakes which can supposedly be corrected by external forces.

All the dynamics are well understood, we have not been left behind in any of the cultural systems or related traditional practices but have preserved the identity of the clan or its broader monarchies with terrible exactness.

So, it is not nano science to the Ndiweni Clan. Or, as the other cliché used to say some things are not rocket science! One then wonders why the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cronies will claim to be experts over such matters purely of the Ndiweni Clans, the Amangwe Monarchies, Elders and the Ntabazinduna community at large. How do these Zanu people dare to seek a monopoly over the practices and a traditional system that is older than both Zimbabwe and Rhodesia combined, just to limit its existence to the recent past?!

It is now a public secret that the Ndiweni Elders and Ntabazinduna community realised the provocation of the Ndiweni Clan was now unprecedented and released a statement counting up to 35 pages! I don't know any other family in recent times which had to go to such an extent and detail to reveal even the secrets and issues that in normal circumstances should remain a private matter.

Now here we are, with everything including what would ordinarily be sensitive family information being revealed in the public domain to set so many distorted records straight. All this had to be done with guided wisdom that it is indeed in the public interest and will benefit many generations that had been misinformed.

Primogeniture is not a new vocabulary that can be thrown at the clan with assumptions that it was misunderstood in its interpretation at some point. Not at all! The Ndiweni Clan and Amangwe monarchy have well documented historical incidents that serve as proof such a primogeniture system is not an absolute method to the clan, but we are aware of its existence. There is literally no one system fits all generations for the Ndiweni Clan, but in basic understanding it's a broad criteria which in its principle just selects a bull from the kraal which has certain special traits or characteristics that fully represent the clan, nation and all  its complex systems.

Another interesting factor to highlight is that Zimbabwe is not yet a constitutional democracy. We have a constitutional crisis, and lawlessness in all governance systems. It is a known fact that Mr Mnangagwa's legitimacy itself is a contested matter from village up to international levels. I had to laugh hysterically when in the memorandum that supposedly confirmed the removal of Inkosi Nhlanhlayamangwe Khayisa Ndiweni had some sections of the constitution included. In any case which constitution is that, who follows it anyway? I would love just one day to publicly know at least one individual who does subscribe to so called constitution or repressive laws.

Hands off the Ndiweni Clan!

Okwamanje ngiyabonga ngithi bayethe!
Umkhulu umkhulu waMangwe
Lodunga kaNdaba
eMkheswa, eMdladla, uMdladla odl'amandl'akhe
eNjola, Madanga, Endinisane kaThambo
Esethukase, OThwalabesabe
Ubuhlasi bendlunkulu, Donda kusukwa
uSis'esalalinkosi , uMthiyane
uMzac' omnyama owakhaphel'abeNguni eMgungundlovu
Lingwe eliqoka


By the way the writer of the article was himself born in a traditional hut at Gwenyukwenyu  (Dibha) line of Ntabazinduna where his umbilical cord is preserved. His own grave is marked next to the one of a struggle icon Cde Dumiso Dabengwa & dearly missed community members. So are the mortal remains of many other close family members found interred in that scared land of Ntabazinduna.

This article has been written by Mthokozisi Ndiweni in his personal capacity.

Source - Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi
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