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Marry will not survive prison: Another Epstein case; ZACC will have blood on their hands

17 Dec 2019 at 14:17hrs | Views
If Marry goes to prison for charges against attempting to murder the General and former husband General Chiwenga, she will not survive this saga unfolding. There are several reasons why Marry will not survive prison. One; it is the General Chiwenga himself who told the nation why Marry and him have this disease that bleaches the whole body. That reason is very insignificant in this saga because there is a lot more to it than meet the eye. Marry is accused of attempting to murder the General, if it's true, it is not her mastermind alone but some interested people. There are criminals around the President who are privy of this murder attempt. Marry will be sacrificed, she will be murdered in the cell to conceal the real criminals who want the General dead for several reasons relating to power.

To incarcerate Marry is to gradually expose the real culprits. Marry will tell it all if she is brought before justice. She will tell the court who actually connived with her to do what she did; tried to murder the General. Those criminals around the President will be exposed. This smells of Epstein's case.  If the criminals around the President fear of being implicated in this, they will eliminate Marry to remove all evidence. A dead woman tells no story. We have seen this happening in USA and that can also happen in Zimbabwe easily. All institutions in Zimbabwe are seriously compromised: they are all Zanu PF institutions in the sense of the word.  

Accusing people of false charges of murder is not new to Zanu PF. That's their trick during the struggle and it is Zanu PF's modus operandi since independence. How many people have been accused of masterminding to murdering the former President Mugabe including Comrade Joshua Nkomo and Richard Morgan Tsvangirai? Zanu will accuse a person they target of murder first, if want to eliminate that person so as to make it easier for them to kill. If Dzino was alive he was going to concur completely on this.   

We are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of Marry Chiwenga because as a woman it will be easy to murder her in a prison cells to conceal what she knows about the murder attempt against the General. If indeed Marry dies in the Zimbabwean prison cell ZACC will take a fleck in this. Their hands will be full of Marry's blood. Here is a woman commissioner at the helm of ZACC treating a weak woman who has been accused of money laundering and murder. Evidently Advocate Moyo is working and assisting the government in this. That ZACC institution is not independent as we would like it to be. We see how they skirt around hard core criminals; they fear to touch some criminal elements on corruption but will intimidate the nation by splashing Marry's case in the news media as if it's new to externalize state fund; Marry is a small fish in the scheme of things. Marry is a woman in the scheme of things. Women are disposables. It would appear she has been used in this case and Zanu will dispose her when they are finished with her.

Why is ZACC not incarcerating Mrs. Grace Mugabe who is known to have bought several homes in South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore? How many billions of dollars did Mugabe externalize? The former First Lady shocked all and sundry when she demanded that Mazoe Dam was hers and hers alone and nobody should have access to the Dam except her business in that area. This is what ZACC should engage in and not assisting the whole General with his domestic dispute with Marry.

Marry is not well at all, her health, we were told by the General himself that they both suffer from the same rare disease that bleaches them both. We are rightfully concerned about her health in a Zimbabwean cell. Trevor Ncube put it rightly in his twitter: "what is happening to Mrs. Marry Chiwenga can happen to anyone of us too" he said. The nation is well informed who is looting the state coffers and we wonder still why targeting such a small fish like Marry and cowardly enough let the real criminals go scot free. Zimbabwe has been turned into a Pvt Ltd. The powers that be do what they deem fit with their private enterprise to loot as much as they can for their pockets and it is those very criminals around the President Mnangagwa.    

ZACC, we ask you to do the right thing. Remove our sister Marry from the remind prison because her case, compared to other cases that ZACC know too well, is one of the many. Marry has five children, one as old as five years. Marry needs to return the cash she externalized together with all other state looters too. She can secretly deal with her husband's domestic problems without public attention. The murder case smells political to comprehend it all. From the description we got from the news media: what transpired in the private clinic in South Africa that cannot account to attempt to murder at all. But because we do not know the whole story yet, it is necessary to give a wait and see approach. 

About the murder charges Marry is accused of, there is a lot we shall learn about the goings on of the Zanu PF internal squabbles. If Marry is not murdered like Epstein, she will tell us whom she connived with to eliminate the General. The story has just started there is a lot coming, there is a lot we shall hear about the murder case. For some of us who know Zanu in Zambia, we are not at all surprised by these accusations of murder: that is typical Zanu PF modus operandi hatched in the struggle for independence.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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