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Do not use state institutions for political fights

20 Dec 2019 at 08:27hrs | Views
The words of Saviour Kasukuwere while he was still ZANU PF Commissar continue to echo loud and seemingly necessary as a desperate and failed regime looks under every rock seeking non-existent enemies and using statecraft to whip people into line.

The regime is out to seek blood and vengeance from all who are minding their own business and refuse to be a party to the looting, destruction and decay of the Republic.


The regime has failed to manage the economy, they usurped power without clear cut economic growth strategies, inflation horses are galloping, food shortages galore, fuel is in erratic supply and power cuts are going for as long as 20 hours. Rhetoric and sloganeering will not take us out of the crisis, the regime is desperate for a win without clear cut plans on how to secure one.

Out of desperation the regime, its enablers and blue eyed mid level managers are creating ghosts, villains and labelling bystanders in a bid to create smokescreens on which they can hoodwink the gullible into believing that something decent is being done to build Zimbabwe.

It is an open secret that corruption remains the greatest sanction that we have imposed on ourselves as a nation. Corruption has destroyed Zimbabwe far much more than the western imposed sanctions.

Corruption is raising its ugly head even in the very fight against it. The regime has corrupted the courts, commissions and all systems of justice. The regime is using state institutions for political fights and this tactic has worsened since the farce dubbed Operation Restore Legacy.

State Media

The recent victim of corruption and abuse by politicians has been state media. The Herald tried to sell a dummy to the world claiming that Mary Chiwenga's legal fees had been funded by G40 and former cabinet ministers in South Africa.

A seasoned journalist went on national TV to discuss the Uchena land Commission report. He slandered the name of Midlands business woman Smelly Dube.

The ZBC story is not only misleading but extremely malicious in so many respects.

The company that was invited (subpoenaed) to appear before a commission of inquiry is Rivervalley properties, Smelly Dube is not Rivervalley and like wise, River valley is not Smelly Dube. It is inconceivable for a national broadcaster to engage in cheap hatchet Jobs and propaganda wars. The prime time 2000hrs news bulletin mislead the nation suggesting that "there are cases involving Smelly Dube" and Jason Machaya. Their real target is Jason Machaya who has always opposed the ascendency of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Jason Machaya has always been viewed as an enemy by the pro Emmerson Mnangagwa camp in Midlands. Machaya chose to stand with real seasoned politicians such as Rugare Gumbo and Joyce Mujuru and has never been forgiven by the butcher of Matebeleland. Jason Machaya is the real target in the battle for the ultimate control and personalisation of Midlands province and Smelly Dube is a casualty of War because she has been one of the few thriving business persons who did not need to pay homage to Emmerson Mnangagwa for her success.

The ZBC narrative against Smelly Dube is not only wrong but highly defamatory.

Those close to the land development circles in Midlands and the Uchena commission inquiry have stated on the record that River valley properties was denied an opportunity to be heard at the Commission of Inquiry.

It is desperate, amateurish and defamatory. The trend continues unabated and Smelly Dube joins a long list of casualties. State media needs to be impartial. The current behaviour of state media proves the need for reforms in Zimbabwe.

Source - Peter Moyo
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