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Let's cherish the Unity Accord

22 Dec 2019 at 08:59hrs | Views
Zimbabweans from all walks of life should cherish the peace and tranquillity we enjoy today firstly, because of the 1980 independence and more importantly the 22 December 1987 Unity Accord.

Why the Unity Accord? History is replete with cases of African nations that have failed to recover from post-independence internal conflicts but Zimbabwe did.

Thanks to the warm hearts of the late VP Joshua Nkomo and former President Robert Mugabe who put their egos aside and brought their two parties together to form ZANU PF in 1987 after a three year internal conflict that resulted in serious misfortunes and destruction.

The 1987 Unity Accord is a befitting present to all those living souls in Zimbabwe that all peace loving Zimbabweans should defend with every armour they have.

Zimbabweans should not allow any individual whether from within or external or even mars to sow seeds of destabilisation as what happened in Algeria starting in 1992.

Algeria got independence in 1962 and about 30 years later that country plunged into an internal conflict that claimed between 150,000 and 200,000 lives according to different sources.

As Zimbabweans we have had our own share of challenges and should not be misled into acts that will contribute towards the destabilisation of our country.

If anything peace loving Zimbabweans should solidly stand in defence of the Unity Accord and not let political opportunists to reverse the gains of the Unity Accord.

Zimbabweans who lived through Gukurahundi or who heard the stories should be worried when the likes of Felix Ndiweni who were in the comfort zone of London during the dark days of Zimbabwe now talk of over throwing a legitimate Government in 2020.

Zimbabweans should  be worried when the opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, who is refusing to enter into dialogue with the ruling party reads from the same script as Ndiweni cryptically talking of the year 2020 as being action-packed and drama-laden, whatever that means.

Could it be that Chamisa having born in 1977 outside Midlands and Matabeleland is not well conversant with the Gukurahundi issue to such an extent of making such reckless statements.

Its even worse  when Chamisa begins to take advise from the academically gifted but political dumb Prof Jonathan Moyo. Prof Moyo is a political prostitute, a mercenary who will go and do anything to put money on his family table. He has no principle at all.

 His thinking is devoid of any national interest but informed by his personal hatred for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and such an individual is a threat to national security.

Prof Moyo's rants on the Unity Accord should not be taken seriously.  It is an open secret that The Unity Accord as has been the case with Nkomo and Mugabe will leave beyond President Mnangagwa.

Reflecting on the Algerian post-independence conflict, former, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said: "Reconciliation in my view must protect us from experiencing once again the two evil phenomena of terrorist violence, extremism, which brought us misfortune and destruction."

As we celebrate The Unity Accord today let us not allow evil forces to distract us from the path of peace and love.

If there are issues yet to be addressed by The Unity Accord platforms are there for civil discussions.

To that end, sports fanatic, Gerald Maguranyanga, had, had this to say on Unity Accord, "Fellow Zimbabweans; exactly 32 years ago, Robert Mugabe/Joshua Nkomo gathered. Signed the Unity Accord. I posit it wasn't a perfect document. But as I study/learn local politics, I figure it altered a tide; surely changed the history of our nation. Commemorate this day folks."

On his part, in his Unity Day message President Mnangagwa said, "'The Unity Accord was a landmark event which ended the disturbances that had flared up soon after our Independence, and threatened to split and rip our Nation apart."

United we stand, divided we fall. Happy Unity Day!

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