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Polad is a sleeping pill to ignore Zanu failures

22 Dec 2019 at 13:10hrs | Views
After failing to fix the economy and to open space for political competitiveness, Zanu political Scientists invented a sleeping pill called Polad.

Zanu Political Scientists have mastered the science of procrastination since 1985. This science has worked for four decades but,  for now, it has outrun its shelf life.
In the 80s, Zanu always promised that things would get better, but things deteriorated without any sign of improvements except improvements in using Scientists to keep Zimbabweans hoping for better.

When Mugabe had failed everything, except boosting his Bank account, his best defenders in the Army toppled him. We were given Mnangagwa and we were promised that he is the man with the spanners to fix the Zanu promises we were promised in pungwe during the Liberation Struggle, Mnangagwa has failed. The only thing Mnangagwa has been able to improve is the invention of pills to keep Zimbabweans asleep so that they ignore problems.

Polad is a therapeutic sleeping pill. If you get stranded in the jungle on a heavily rainy day and the only available accommodation is a pit toilet infested with fat maggots, you need to drink sleeping pills called Polad so that you can ignore the smell, the maggots and the faeces, and sleep well.

Unfortunately for Mnangagwa, this Polad sleeping pill worked for 40 for Mugabe, and has expired and can never be sold to all Zimbabweans in 2019. The old Students-Companion book says that you can cheat all the people for some time, and some of the people all the time. But, you cant cheat all the people all the time.

Yes, we have a brand of Zimbabweans who can be cheated all the time, and they will always support Zanu failed projects. What is clear is that you can't cheat all Zimbabweans all the time.
 I was listening to a young girl called Fadzai Mahere on Trevor Ncube's show last week from my refugee camp in the UK where I ran away from Zanu brutalities in the 80s. This girl was not born by the time  I was attending Zanu Pungwes in Selukwe 1977. She was born in a free country which I helped to liberate from Colonialism. Her anger and facts about the failures of Zanu to fulfil Pungwe promises of 1977 shocked me. She knows exactly that, before she was born in 1977, Zanu was promising freedom to the people of Zimbabwe.This girl was was born in the year I was doing my UpperTop education in Gweru with a swollen backbone from Gukurahundi torture of 1983. She could be my daughter, and yet, her knowledge about the false impostorship of Zanu is as good as mine.  

Gukurahundi was a project to suppress important and economically enhancing Competition against Zanu just as the August 1 shooting of Zimbabweans opposing Zanu rudimentary leadership.
 In any economy, if you suppress competitions, you create an environment of feet dragging, self-praising, slow growth, pomp and poverty.

If the Nokia 2110 phone of 1995 had been allowed to be the only monopoly handset in the World, without competition, we would not have Apple or Samsung phones. We would not have Apps like Banking, Whatsapp, vidieo calls etc. The World would be a proper reflection of what Zanu is to Zimbabweans.

Competition is civilisation. Anyone who suppresses competition creates backwardness and this is what Zanu has produced since the days of 1977 Pungwe promises.

If Zapu had been allowed to compete against Zanu in 1983, Zimbabwe would be sending its own Scientists to the Mars today. We have very intelligent Scientists, but, their job has become good only to create Polad, to maintain Zanu failures, instead of inventing alternative energy generation for our Companies.

When I was growing up in the 80s, I was told that President Kenneth Kaunda allowed beer to be sold for very cheap in Zambia so that Zambians would be so drunk that they wouldnt see their poverty. President Mnangagwa grew up in Zambia during those days. He learnt that when a President has failed to improve the quality of life for his people, he can allow intoxication to prolong his term. There is nothing President Mnangagwa will do except to allow Marijuana and Polad to keep Zimbabweans in bed.

The MDC, of which I am not a member, should refuse to be taken to bed via Polad or Marijuana freedoms.

Mnangagwa Scientists who cant manufacture Solar Panels, go around Zimbabwe taking people to bed, to forget the country's problems. They go to Matebeleland and preach that the President's real name is lhlupeko. They cant even research Ndebele spellings, writing lhlupeko instead of lnhlupheko which means poverty. They preach that the President's Grandfather was King Lobengula's warrior. This is all desperation expensively designed to keep opposition to Zanu failures at bay. We are told that the Ndebele Commanders led Shona warriors to fight Colonialists. The same rudimentary go-to-bed Scientists are the same Scientists who arrest Chief Ndiweni for sustaining Ndebele customs within his jurisdiction. They preach love and practise hate and expect that the sleeping children wont find out.If Polad was a unifying Zimbabwean Consortium of Parties where genuine and honest National issues were addressed and respected, where is Paul Siwela? where is Saviour Kasukuwere? Where is Zapu? where is Jonathan Moyo? where is Mqondisi Moyo? where is Jonasi? where is Promise Mkhwananzi? where is Evan Mawarire? Mnangagwa created Zanu fake parasites to create Polad for International cosmetic impostership, leaving real opposition outside and blaming MDC of refusing to bite a cruelly wormed hook.

I applaud Chamisa to team up with a new generation of Zimbabweans who refuse to be taken to bed in a pit-toilet infested with fat and comfortable maggots.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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