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ZACC - Who are you exactly?

22 Dec 2019 at 13:50hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission at its formation was primarily supposed to be able to fight corruption,operate independently and as its core function take to the courts with evidence those alleged to have been involved in corrupt activities.

In fact,it achieved neither because the political power, particularly Zanu Pf is using it as a tool to fight its own factional wars.

It has gone a step further now, a new terrain has been added as ZACC now is involved in domestical fights.

My million dollar question is would they have arrested Mary Chiwenga, the estranged wife of Rtd General, now one of our Vice Presidents if their marriage had not become rocky?Would they have the guts to take her, as reported while she screamed ?

This says a lot about how ZACC is absolutely a useless organization  being used by those wielding political power to achieve their desires as they torment perceived threats, obstacles to their quest for power yet telling the nation they are on a crusade to fight corruption.

To rewind you back, soon after the entry of Chiwenga as one of the Vice Presidents Mary Chiwenga was said to have got a lucrative tender without having gone to tender. This is corruption. ZACC did nothing like always. Now Mary has fallen out with the Rtd General she can be thrown to the hounds, ZACC, who are always in a leash and they all of a sudden show willpower to fight corruption.

Mary Chiwenga is no saint but ZACC, a supposedly lndependent body, can not be dragged into domestic fights.

The fuel saga opened a can of worms as individual corrupt people were mentioned.  None was taken by ZACC but these individuals must be laughing as theirs was billion dollar scandals not a million which Mary is alleged to have externalized.

ZACC must come out in the open and tell the whole nation they are an extension of Zanu Pf and doing the party, s wild west antics.After all a national body like ZACC would set up offices all over the nation not just be closer to their handlers.

They are just like the Scorpions set up in South Africa by Thank Mbeki to fight his political opponents but portrayed as an anti corruption unity hence its subsequent removal after Mbeki was booted out.

ZACC has Scorpions written all over it.

If Chiwenga can humiliate the mother of his children do you people honestly think he cares about those celebrating Mary's situation?

What Mary has simply done is expose the extent to how these people in power have access to hard cash while they print bond notes for us the ordinary people.

Source - A Kadada
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