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General Tongogara's ZANU PF died in 2017

28 Dec 2019 at 07:38hrs | Views
Is this the country that Tongogara, Chitepo, JZ Moyo, Silundika and other gallant sons and daughters gave up their lives for?

Is this version of ZANU PF the same liberation movement that Tongogara would proudly stand up for and give his life to it all over again?

The answer in the words of Edson Zvobgo is a clear cut and eloquent NO. Edson Zvobgo said there are limits to power, and at the gates of November 2017 ZANU PF's power ended.

ZANU PF died in November 2017 and what we have now is a Government of Partial Unity between a section of the Karanga version of ZANU PF dubbed Lacoste. I gently refer to it as a section because Emmerson Mnangagwa is not really popular in Masvingo or Midlands. Lacoste had to bend backwards to muscle out the Zvobgo - Mavhaire - Mzembi clique out of power. In Midlands they failed to defeat Rugare Gumbo - Jason Machaya - Francis Nhema and others in a fair fight.

The 2018 poll results also tell a story of an unpopular crocodile in Midlands and Masvingo. The crocodile and his military Government of National Unity started off singing the right tune.

Emmerson Mnangagwa spoke of the need for unity, tolerance and peace within ZANU PF and Zimbabwe at large. The words became empty, as action steered the national and partisan ship in the opposite direction.

COMRADES were persecuted, called names and Oppah Muchinguri had the audacity of declaring Robert Mugabe a traitor, yet Oppah joined the liberation struggle involuntarily. Comrades like Saviour Kasukuwere were persecuted.

This is not the General Tongogara way of doing things neither is it in line with "Nzira Dzemasoja".

Let political bygones be bygones. Unify ZANU PF, unify Zimbabwe and steer the ship in the spirit and attitude of a Revolutionary movement. The Revolution is bigger than Lacoste, Gamatox, G40 or any other faction. Factions are merely difference in opinion, they do not change the desire for a Prosperous Zimbabwe that benefits all. Being in a different faction does not make one an enemy of the state.

Factions have always been in existence from the Vashandi rebellion, to the battle of Masvingo (Muzenda Versus Zvobgo), the battle of Manicaland (Didmus Mutasa versus Kumbirai Kangai) or the battle of Bulawayo (Edson Ncube versus Dumiso Dabengwa), the battle of Harare (Tony Gara and friends versus Chidawu, Chigumba and friends). Factions have always been there, and the battle has always been a battle of ideas, brains and wit as factions sought to out play each other for control. Factions gave life and healthy competition to the party. Leaders were on the ground, connected to the masses and serving the people to cement their influence and control. Then 2014, ZANU PF allowed itself to be consumed by a divisive worm which mutilated a section of the party, the worm grew bigger and stronger to a point of Operation Restore Legacy.

Enter the Karanga

ED Mnangawa is the one who has reduced ZANU PF into a tribal and regional party (Midlands/Masvingo). Look at all positions in the party, government, PAC, Perm secretaries, The army and every position all packed with makaranga, they even have the audacity to call it "our thing" like the Mafia's la cosa nostra (chunhu chedu). Effectively ZANU PF was disloved in 2017 via Operation Restore Legacy. What we have now is a GNU which hosts the Lacoste faction of ZANU PF and a portion of the Army.

When ED usurped power he said "Let bygones be bygones"  We thought he had chosen to walk in the path of "Nzira Dzemasoja", we thought he would stick to "vasingazive ngavadzidziswe", bafundiseni abangela lwazi. What happend to that ideology of unity, togetherness and comradeship?

Vashandi rebellion
The Vashandi rebellion taught us that we have divergent ideas but our differences should not kill the revolution nor divide us. Vashandi had their own view of the struggle and how it should be executed but they were not in the league of Morrison Nyati.

The Lacoste faction needs to understand that if other people have different views they are not an enemy.

G40 was an idea and not an enemy, G40 was an idea that was defeated are they now the enemy?

Let's be honest there was only one mal content known for deserting the liberation struggle with a high disdain for authority, he tried his tricks and the party knew that he could not be trusted. Maybe the party should single him out as a bad apple such as Morrison Nyati. Comrades like Mandi Chimhene, Sarah Mahoka, Jabulani Sibanda, Joyce Mujuru, Didmus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, do not need to be thrown away and relegated to the league of sellouts because they are not. Sellouts joined the MDC, sellouts tried to work with the MDC and they are known.

COMRADES such as Walter Mzembi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Dickson Mafios, Nicholas Goche, Jason Machaya, Ignatius Chombo do not deserve to be chastised.

The ugly head of Tribalism

Oppah Muchinguri once gave a speech thanking former president Mugabe for being inclusive and creating a seat at the table for every tribe.

The Ministry of Home Affairs was largely reserved for ex ZPRA/ZAPU cadres. At some point the ministry of local government was also in the hands of ZAPU cadres. Mugabe rewarded provinces by giving them ministerial and politburo posts in proportion with the parliamentary seats they brought to the party.

Mnangagwa has made the mistake of rewarding Masvigo /Midlands tribalism ahead of votes. There is no province that votes ZANU PF more than Mash central in Zimbabwe but how many ministers do we have from Mash central or politburo members? How many permanent secretaries do we have from Mash central? How many presidential advisors do we have from Mash Central?

Why do we even have Hon. Shiri who is actually from Wedza being a senator in Rushinga at the expense of people from Rushinga?

 Why is Kazembe Kazembe Chairman of Mash Central? He has failed to mobilise a successful ZANU PF event. 2019 the turn out at rallies and functions was pathetic. President Mnangagwa had to ditch the first Thank you rally slotted for Mash Central because of poor attendance, Mohadi ended up on the podium addressing a handful of people.

Kazembe Kazembe Embarrassed the first lady, failing to mobilise crowds to attend her events in the province. Recently Dr Chiwenga was in Mash Central for Co-operatives and the attendance was pathetic to say the least.

Mash Central is a Revolutionary province, most routes used by guerillas enroute to Mozambique or the front lines of the war passed through Mash Central. Mash Central supplied her sons and daughters as sacrifice for the liberation of the land.

ZANU PF is sacred in Mash Central and cannot be left to an amateur like Kazembe Kazembe. Mash Central should be embracing war veterans like Colonel Richard Ngwenya, Mash Central should be recalling her sons and daughters such as Saviour Kasukuwere to come and propel the revolution forward.

Everyone knows that Colonel Richard Ngwenya has been a doctor and Saviour to most party cadres, the likes of Chenjerai Hunzvi and several others were James Mobb patients under the care of Dr Ngwenya it is an undisputed fact. Dr Ngwenya has served the nation as a soldier, as a health practitioner, as a farmer, businessman and member of the community. Mash Central should embrace such cadres yet here we are, the provincial chairman who has no liberation war history nor credentials is trying to muscle out a war veteran from a farm that was allocated to him. The Provincial Chairman wants the farm out of greed because he has another farm near Blackforby. Is this the ZANU PF that Tongogara gave his life towards?

Mash Central is a victim of tribal and regional politics ushered in by the new dispensation. ANY politician who had the opportunity to exchange notes with cadres like Border Gezi and Elliot Manyika or Ushewokunze back in the day knows that Mash Central was vibrant, all party and government events in the province had tremendous attendance. Kazembe Kazembe knows nothing about the history of ZANU PF in Mash Central or the way of doing things, interacting with the voters, chiefs and spirit mediums of the province. Mash Central is sacred territory, the land of Charwe the medium of  Nehanda Nyakasikana.

Nzira dzemasoja

Straying from the path that was designed by leaders such as General Tongo is dangerous and toxic to the party. It was straying from the path of Nzira dzemasoja that destroyed the legacy of Robert Mugabe. Straying from Nzira dzemasoja resulted in Gukurahundi and the party still carries that scar to this day.

We cannot sit sing praises and worship leaders even when the party is losing its core founding principles of unity, peace & development.

President ED Mnangagwa, Oppah Muchinguri, Kazembe Kazembe need to be reminded that they will leave office one day. The question is how do they want to be treated when they leave office? When a new leadership comes into power at Congress  should they run to exile and lose everything they have? Is that the kind of party we want to build, a vindictive monster bent on retribution for divergent views ? Is that the ZANU PF of Cde Tongogara? Look at other liberation movements in Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia. Do they expel comrades over political fights? Do they force each other into political exile, declaring former comrades as enemies of the state?

We lost brothers , sisters and uncles who never came back from the war, they did NOT die to have selfish people mismanage the country and party. The Karanga clique and its skivies such as Kazembe Kazembe will never be more Zimbabwean than others. Zimbabawe must be enjoyed by all our people. Stop this hate for fellow countrymen and women. Let's go back to the original Nzira dzemasoja, let's go back to the foundation and the basics of the liberation struggle.

How can the liberators sing not yet uhuru? How will the liberators deal fairly with the entire nation if they fail to keep the party united and in order? The party needs introspection and the greatest question as we remember the life of General Tongogara : is this the party that he died for? Is this the house built on the foundation he and others laid? General Chiwenga is this what you learnt from serving under General Tongo, Sheba Gava, William Ndangana and others, do we purge each other, do we segregate each other on tribal grounds, do we Disenfranchise others in order to keep political positions? Is this the way of Nzira dzemasoja?

Source - Dr Utete
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