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ZANU PF Lawmaker reveals his inner Demons in tweeting rant at the POOR

28 Dec 2019 at 20:33hrs | Views
In normal circumstances, the Zimbabwean and ZANU PF legislator for Gokwe-Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena would have been seen as having completed the destruction of his and all ZANU PF Lawmakers' political careers forever.  We live in strange times though and this might be just the precursor to more egregiousness by ZANU PF et al.  Throwing dust in the eyes of donors, boasting ba humbug to the poor, hungry and fatherless, could soon be seen as a hallmark of some peoples (not just Wadyajena's) wicked ways. Reported to have once owned a Lamborghini, whilst likely living in opulence he apparently said in his seemingly heartless tweet,

"It's folly to claim @ZANUPF_Official stole your Christmas! Things are tough but it's still your responsibility to put food on the table. Let's pull up our socks & do something for ourselves & country instead of accusing every successful person of being crooked. Merry Christmas."

Unfortunately, at the hands of ZANU PF, Zimbabwe is currently facing debilitating hyper inflation, lack of clean water, chronic electricity outages sometimes for 24 hours at a time, cash shortages caused by the ruling party's bad governance and rampant looting from the top to the bottom of the Government and the State.  Yet, a Lawmaker, in the ruling party, absolutely absolves himself and his chums' actions, on the world wide web, expecting and likely knowing there will be ZERO Consequences.

Meanwhile millions of Zimbabweans have been looked after by, UN food programs, UK aid, USA aid, those in the Diaspora, the UN Cash transfer program that pays nearly $USD 10 per person per month to those registered on the scheme who are in abject poverty.  Only to be insulted, by one of the fat cats that can only get fatter.  

Whilst causing Zimbabwe's proverbial body to buckle from the constant pillaging she is experiencing at the hands of a select few (including Scrooge), the rest from the ( rather scant to ZANU PF) evidence above (over 10 million) get fed by those they (ZANU PF) choose to call empirialists from foreign lands.  

Ironically with his Hubris, the said Lawmaker will stand, proudly from his seat, after being elected by the people he has insulted, and shout, "I am independent!"  As if he was elected by his chums and he only represents himself, thus making himself omnipotent and the electorate subservient.

On reflection, maybe he is right (with his Hubris).  ZANU PF is not there to put food on the table.  It's likely there for POLARD (People Out to Loot And Rape or Destroy). On reflection, it's a pity.  With the guns to peoples' heads', they ZANU PF, will all likely all be voted in again next election.  God help us. By   

Source - Thabo Makuyana
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