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Dormant African Graduates need the Joshua Maponga Balm

29 Dec 2019 at 18:02hrs | Views
If you have worked very hard to attain your Degree, and you can't get the job you dreamt for, you need to buy a balm called Pastor Joshua Maponga. Pastor Maponga himself is confussed and does not really always understand himself, but, he is a balm for dormant intellectuals and that is hard to understand.

An expensive ladder in the DIY shop may not understand why a particular niche of the society prefers to buy it from the shelves, especially when the majority of people criticise it, but, its designer knows why that ladder has to be there, and why it is special. That is how God designed Pastor Maponga. If you do not hold a Univesity Degree, or it's equivalence, you are likely to be driven away from Christanity by Pastor Maponga's teachings. This is because University teaches people to gather information from a number of sources, and come to a bespoke, pragmatic conclussion which you must use as your bespoke guide.

If you are monolithically enclined like a Jehova's Witness, or like an unsure SDA, you are likely to be lost in Pastor Maponga's teachings, and loose your Christanity.

If you have a Degree, and you are competent enough to decipher Spiritual information, you will be able to understand why, even Pastor Joshua Maponga himself does not understand himself.

To me, Pastor Joshua Maponga bears unique Spiritual Information which is not linear and usual as it is from Heaven.

 Pastor Maponga's information is not the regular linear information you can follow in Earthly logics. When he says go to the North, the methodology may not be to start your journey facing North and thus why a monolithic, daily individual will get confussed.

For a dormant Christian Graduate who does not know how to navigate his way into wealth, invest time on You-Tube, and listern to all Pastor Joshua Maponga teachings.

Think about God, think about  the Holly Spirit, think about Jesus, think about all the materials in the Periodic Table and their compositions.

 Think about the smallness of an atom, think about the structure of an atom, think about the smallest building block of an atom.

 Think about how much we still do not understand an atom. Think about bigness. Think about  your big country and all the people, the roads, the plants,  the land, the soil in your country and the materials you can work on to produce a product no one else has ever produced.

Think about your neibouring countries and their fame. Think about the bigness of your continent. Think about the entire Planet Earth.

 Think about our moon. Think about the distance, in Kilometres, between us, and our moon.

Think about our neighboring planets. Think about our entire Solar system, the sun and all moons and planets within our local solar system. Think about how we, as a human race, have never even visisted our neigboring planets? Think about how, as human race, we last set out foot on moon in 1972?

Think about what the human race has not managed to do yet?

Think about our Orion Spur wing in which we are located in our Galaxy. Think about how accidental we look off the galaxy wing? Think about our Galaxy, the Milky Way. Think about all the Galaxies which are observable from Earth. Think about infinity or the bigness of the infinite Universe.

 Think about how YOU LOOK if you were observed from a neighboring Galaxy. Think about your size in comparison to Galaxies.

Think about the greatness of God? Think about how much we do not know about him? Think about how big you feel yourself to be?

Think about all the materials God has ammassed in front of you to mix and make a unique product which no one else has ever made. Think about how wealthy you would be if you found a way to generate electricity, or just to store it, using materials at the back of your rural toilet?

Think about what Pastor Maponga means when he says that you do not deserve to work for anyone? Think about why Pastor Maponga says Poverty is Not Christanity. Think about Pastor Mapongas message when he says it is you who must use your Software and Hardware and Spiritual Potent drenched on your Dreams to produce something which can be uniquely sold and attributed to your creativity.

If you look at the smallness of an atom and how we do not understand it, and also look at the vastness of the Universe, and how we do not  understand it, why wouldn't you just understand that Pastor Maponga is trying to show you things which even he, as a limited human being, does not understand?

 So, those who are educated enough to be able to derive and decipher unique information and use it as fuel to energise their potential, will walk out of Maponga's sermon, enriched.
Pastor Maponga himself needs to find a Hero to inspire him to see more into the Spiritual World. But also, Pastor Maponga should be careful not to tap into the wrong Spirits. The problem with Spirits is that we do not fully understand them. But, we have power to reject those Spirits we know have dragged some people into badness. As human beings with limited knowledge, we are all sursceptible to be dragged into some spirits we did not intend to be associated with.

So, like Job, Pastor Maponga needs the renewal of God's mercy every time. There is a reason why God created Pastor Maponga, and, at the end of his life, if Pastor Maponga will have won more souls to God, more poor Africans into wealth, more Monolithic Christains into Pragmatic Christians, he would have done well.

This is no longer 1969. We are in a new Millenium and we need Pastors who can help us navigate God to help and prosper us so that we can feel contentment of both life and Spirituality while we are still here.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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