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Mnangagwa lacks Capital appeal to match generational consensus

02 Jan 2020 at 15:36hrs | Views
The wider gap between the Government and citizens is detrimental. Objectivity becomes subjectivity if validated into a balanced message. Leaders must accept constructive criticism if they are to buy into progressive politics and development. There is a wide gap from Mugabe's era and ED's Government , and one of the reasons why ED could be in serious problems he is facing , it is mainly because of comparative politics between Mugabe and ED himself.

It's a natural discourse that people make comparisons and notions when dealing with leadership. There is a general aspect which comes into mind when changes takes shape particularly if the change was effected in controversial ways. Let's take for instance when Mugabe was addressing on international platforms his PR stance one of its kind and he was in his own world. His style of politics was synonyms and applied adjective. During Mugabe era even if citizens were angry on him, you would leave public meetings laughing or even asking for more despite the rationale type of politics. Why would citizens run away from rallies which the President is addressing? Something sinister about it which needs further introspection. I will give you an example, during the 2018 elections when ED was addressing Bindura rally in Mash Central, people were seen running away from the rally whilst ED was addressing and this seems unusual during Mugabe days. People differed with the former President on a number of issues, but there was some semblance of some respect. It's normal for people to make personal judgments varying from politics to development.

ED is facing opposition, internal fissures, civic society, general populace, military establishment within a confined civilian leadership and the economy itself. My general assessment is his main nemesis and political arch-rivalry Nelson Chamisa looks young, appealing and strategically positioned on articulation and informative style of leadership. The major gap is widely created from top-bottom theory which evolves the political structure which feeds into the cycle of economics. Yes there could be legitimacy problems which could be a cognitive aspect emanating from the 2018 election process but there could be more to it other than legitimacy problems. The major question is how this gap should be closed or rather, does the gap exist.

I can count Presidents who carried legitimacy tags on them and situational politics have generally taken shape, for example we have Edgar Lungu of Zambia, he had issues in 2016, but he has managed the politics very well, we have Uhuru in Kenya and he has managed the progression very well, we have others around the world, so my simple question is that is it about legitimacy or there could be more to it? I can give you a simple one, on Information ministry which was managed by Jonathan Moyo previously, and the current team is struggling to balance particularly Hon Mutsvangwa who needs some technicalities and spinning on her part which she is lacking. Some of these gaps can easily generate into civil strides. We have critical ministries like industry & commerce, energy, Finance and Economic Development etc , the vacuum which they have created depicts the normal human standards of any living society. During Mugabe era, pick any primary pupil he or she would give you the list of cabinet ministers, and there is a shift mainly because of the way the current administration is handling governance matters. There is a serious wide gap between citizens and the Government.

There should be some semblance of respect even though legitimacy tag remains on the forehead of the regime. Let's take for instance, the anti-sanction march which gobbled over 4 million, whoever advised ED to go for that is not progressive and destructive. Look at the attendance of the general populace, the empty stadium and the general flop of the whole idea. If it was during Mugabe era, the national sports stadium was going to be easily filled. Was it a structure problem or it was capital appeal requirement? Some of these researches must be conducted timeously to produce quality results for proper guidance and direction of the country. Why would the regime focus on the old song of sanction mantra, supposed they wanted to propagate their propaganda machinery into something reasonable? The PR team failed to make sense on this one. Let's go on the gift of public speaking. Let's put Mugabe, ED , Chamisa and Tsvangirai on the table. Rhetorically speaking, Chamisa easily filled into Tsvangirai's shoes of which ED is failing to do henceforth the public denial to forgive him. Image building is very important particularly for those people in high offices, when to speak using high tone and when to speak low. The tone of emphasis on key matters is crucial.

Several times I go through twitter rants from Nick Mangwana and team and there is a wider gap which is in the political spectrum. Lastly I would want to touch on the serious vacuum which is beckoning mainly from the generational consensus. You honestly tell me that in Zanu PF, there are no educated young people to occupy those ministerial posts such as Information, Finance and other critical offices? The image of the Government reflects the old ways of doing things and there is need for paradigm shift on approach. Those cabinet briefings usually done every Tuesday are portrayed as public stunts and does not add up to people's expectations. Grass-roots connectivity is the best practice in any governance style. Propaganda has destroyed the little trust that existed the citizens and the Government. Look at the way Jonathan Moyo did his spinning and how the current team is doing their spinning? Spinning is an art which should be mastered. Some of the rants are so embarrassing and political novice.

 As an independent advisor and researcher I can safely say there are key areas which I feel needs critical attention on Mnangagwa's Government:

1.    PR team needs to be reviewed
2.    Image building is critical for his office
3.    Advisory team must be sacked
4.    Voice projection on public platforms
5.    Mugabe way of doing things
6.    Wider gap between the old aged and young stock
7.    Political will
8.    Reluctance on key major economic and political reforms

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy and Research advisor and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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