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Mashurugwi strike again in Mvuma with impunity

03 Jan 2020 at 08:49hrs | Views
While the police took action to deal with the Makorokoza menace led by the Mashurugwi the violence has spread to Mvuma. A man was brutally sliced and left with hashing wounds which led to his death. According to the police Crime Mvuma in an internal communication to Crime Gweru addressed to the DCIO Gweru on the first of December 2020 a certain Mark Dube was brutally married by the Shurugwi's in Mvuma. The crime occurred at MEK Sundicate mine in Mvuma.

According to Mvuma Police three unknown Mashurugwi attacked Mr Mark Dube who was a gold buyer and was running a hummer Mill at the syndicate. The syndicate is a registered mine.

The police said On the 1st day of January 2020 at about 0645 hours, the informant Loius Seremwe NR:- 26-178233-A-26 aged: 35 years, contactable on mobile 0773 109 957 was at plot number 109 Peri-Urban, Mvuma which is his place of residence. The informant then heard a voice screaming for help in the nearby thick bush approximately 150 metres away from his homestead.

The informant then got outside his house and saw the now deceased running towards his house at a distance of about 100 metres being pursued by the three unknown accused persons and one of the accused persons was putting on a red T-Shirt, the other accused person was putting on complete black casual clothing and the last accused person was wearing dark clothing.

The three accused persons then caught the deceased at a distance of approximately 100 metres away from the homestead and started stricking the deceased several times all over the body with machetes. They then searched the now deceased and left him lying helpless on the ground. Accused persons ran towards the nearby thick bush disappeared into the bush.

The informant then went to the scene and discovered that that the now deceased was still alive. The now deceased advised the informant to telephone his uncle who was in Kadoma to tell him that he was robbed off his USD$700-00 and that he was struck by machetes. The now deceased requested for water to drink and was given by informant.

The informant then filled a report at ZRP Mvuma police station.

Upon arrival the police discovered the body of deceased lying dead on the ground facing downwards and they observed the following injuries:-- four deep cuts on the head, one deep cut on the right cheek , one deep cut on the left leg, one deep cut on the left hand elbow and one deep cut on the left hand palm.

The body was ferried to Mvuma General Hospital where was placed in the hospital mortuary. Total value stolen is US$700-00, one handset with sim 0714 684591 and nothing was recovered.

The case is being investigated under ZRP Mvuma RRB 4063420. Residence in Kwekwe recounted the birth of the Mashurugwi. One Kwekwe resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

"l am one of the people who saw all this thuggery starting up in Kwekwe and today it is threatening national security. Sometime in November the president of the country was invited by Small scale miners to an indaba at Winery in Gweru and the minister of state security attended. Upon entering the hall he, Mudha was given a deafening applause and praise by these thugs and anyone could easily tell this was Warlordism at its MEMORANDUM"

John Maphosa of Shurugwi added "the Mashurugwi plight will never end. The warlords are in high offices and nobody will act against these thugs. The president must distance himself from the Mashurugwi founders and allow those around him who are funding Mashurugwi to be arrested"

The Mashurugwi have covered the Zimbabwean soil with blood. The have killed with such barbaric force and cruelty which matches the prince of cruelty Devil himself.

Zimbabwe had never seen such inhuman behaviour exhibited by the Mashurugwis The murder of Mr Dube a day after the police celebrated the arrest of the Mashurugwis suspected of murdering a police officer exposes the fear in the police in tackling and arresting the criminals. The few bosses of the Mashurugwi must not be protected.

The complete removal of the Mashurugwiws will bring peace in the land It is sad that people are refusing to see the broader implications of the Mashurugwi and their terror. Another Kwekwe resident who spoke on the ground of anonymity said "I am really pained with the route our country has been taking and I am convince that people can help bring sanity to our beloved country. I happen to have been staying in Kwekwe since the 90s and have witnessed these and many terrible things that our country has been set to.

AActually dealing with the Mashurugwi tragedy only is as folly as dealing with the symptoms and ignoring the root cause of the problem.

In fact we need to bring a culture of checking and balance, not as a certain party cadres or a certain tribe or clansmen groupings but most importantly as Zimbabweans, otherwise sooner rather than later our Karma will be on us and we will pay the heavy price as the Somalians are still paying."

Unless the warlords are reigned in the nation will be terrorised while others are dining and wining. Mashurugwi must go. How many more people are to die before action.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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