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Elitist Ignorant ZANU PF, Justice not a Jurist, Mayor not appointed, Aloof to Hunger Pains

04 Jan 2020 at 16:46hrs | Views
The chance that an experienced lawyer would ever make such an ignorant callus statement as is alleged to have been made by Wadyajena, is very small.  If the alleged statement on Twitter on the 25the of December is true, and if he meant it, it shows a great deal of EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IGNORANCE, especially given the obligations of governments as per the Human Rights Charter and his apparent title of Honourable as a sitting Zimbabwe Parliamentarian.  

With the name, Mayor Justice Wadyajena, lets clear up a few facts.  He is not a Lawyer.  He has the name Justice from birth.  He is also not the Mayor of a town or city.  He was not appointed, he has this name too from birth.

Clear explanation of why critical examination of the above, is of such paramount importance can best likely be done by analysing part of the context within which he is alleged to have tweeted.  Especially since Zimbabwe is plagued with Wholesale Corruption, is more than just a signatory (It is in fact a Ratified Treaty) to the United Nations (UN) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the World food program, UN and other NGO's are presently on the ground in Zimbabwe doing the jobs of the Government.

Summarised, ICESCR Article 9, is the Right to Social Security, recognising "the right of everyone to social security, including social insurance".  It requires Governments to provide some form of social insurance scheme to protect people against the risks of sickness, disability, maternity, employment injury, unemployment or old age; including survivors of freak events, orphans, and those who cannot afford health care; and to ensure that families are adequately supported.  Benefits from such a scheme must be adequate, accessible to all, and provided without discrimination.  The scheme, may be contributory and non-contributory, Community-based or mutual. (

Summarised, Article 11 is, the right to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions.  States have to help this to happen.  The right of everyone to be free from hunger, shall take, individually and through international co-operation, measures, including specific programmes, are needed, to improve methods of production, conservation and distribution of food by making full use of technical and scientific knowledge, by disseminating knowledge of the principles of nutrition and by developing or reforming agrarian systems in such a way as to achieve the most efficient development and utilization of natural resources, (SADCC and ZANU PF) when taking into account the problems of both food-importing and food-exporting countries, to ensure an equitable distribution of world food supplies in relation to need. (

The United Nations World Food Program announced that they will be expanding their support of Zimbabweans in abject poverty to include those in the urban areas.  They have advised that at least half the population of Zimbabwe is likely affected and in real risk of abject poverty.  This should make every Parliamentarian greatly concerned.  Especially those in the ZANU PF, because of the perceived and real risk of a silent man made genocide in the former Bread Basket of Africa, on the watch of the same said Wadyajena and the ZANU PF, the government and ruling party for over 40 years on April 19th 2020.  It was also the ZANU PF Government that signed the ICESCR and CEDAW covenants (CEDAW and its implications will be addressed in another article).

It is critical to understand that, given the above context and the current hunger pains that the majority of Zimbabweans are facing on a daily basis, the most damaging thing Wadyajena and ZANU PF will likely face, is the perception of being extremely aloof.  The perception that Zimbabweans think they (ZANU PF Parliamentarians like Wadyajena) think and feel, that they are, supremely privileged and entitled to Zimbabwe's wealth.  

The coincidence of the above and the further perception that most of the current wealth produced in Zimbabwe, is being concentrated in the hands of Political players, especially those in the ZANU PF, would greatly explain the anger, discontent and pure vesirile continence felt against the likes of Wadyajena, given that he is also alleged to have splashed out on a Lamborghini and as reported on the 11th of June 2019, by various media outlets, avoided paying duty.

On further analysis of his alleged recent tweet, it is likely safe to say, Wadyajena is a Lawmaker by profession, a businessman by trade and an extreme right wing Nationalist by nature.  A likely new accolade on reading his alleged tweet, is that, "he does not believe in Governments helping the poor."  Yet, as a matter of fact all Governments have the duty to provide food security for all those within their nation's borders.  The evidence above, explains why, if he did indeed make the statements on Twitter, as published by Pindula and other media outlets between the 25th and 28th of December 2019, he is DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT.

When compared to Moxon, Masiyiwa, Chiyangwa, Levy, Boka and many others of Zimbabwean descent, instead of trying to absolve the Government of its responsibilities, seemingly mocking the poor, instead, they (Moxon et al) have been known for doing what they can to help Zimbabweans through deeds of philanthropy, both within and outwith the borders of Zimbabwe.

In conclusion, all the information of the above is listed on Pindula, Wikipedia, United Nations, Bulawayo24, Zimeye, YouTube and other websites.  It is thus safe to say, what is expected with the names, Mayor and Justice are likely models of wisdom and morality, with youthfulness personified.  Yet, when one analyses the context of his recent tweet and looks closer in detail at his profile, history and cohorts, the probability of ones initial assumptions (on seeing the name) and reality, being further from the truth are more than just high.

The only likely expected consequence has to be a full retraction of such a statement, however, alas, Zimbabwe is in a state of flux, economically, politically, socially and now physically.  Those that seem to be helping the most are not in Government.  Yet they (the Government) have called for folk to roll their sleeves up.

Source - Thabo Makuyana
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