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Zimbabwe Republic Police must ask retired officers to return to work for their skills and experience

04 Jan 2020 at 21:16hrs | Views
Retired officers should be asked to return to work for their 'skills and experience' this was said by several retired senior officers who are horrified by the Mashurugwi menace and the out of plan security service. Retired Assistant Commissioner Sithole said " That is terrorism it's nothing to do with Shurugwi.

If we go into combat you will see that they are not Shurugwi people they are poorly armed barbaric terrorists the more the government is not taking action against them the more they are getting better armed and they will cause more chaos once they are better armed with real firearms."

His sentiments have been echoed by several security analysts. The Mashurugwi are a gang which went rogue. Massaging their exploits will be allowing a problem to grow. The Mashurugwi issue is a case of the home grown terrorism planted and matured by those who are in the corridors of power.

The midlands police spokesperson commented that, "I am not at liberty to comment on those issues (machete terrorists) due to their political nature." Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said. His comment shows that the police have no clue on how to deal with Mashurugwi. They are afraid of political powers. Politics must never allow crime to masquerade as politics. This is harmful to the party and the nation.

Critics say comments stinks of 'desperation’ as government announces war with the Mashurugwi. There are growing calls for a reserve police force amid a "tidal wave" of recent attacks by the Kwekwe sponsored Mashurugwi whose sponsors boast of the presidential protection. If this is not dealt with now the name of our good president will be tarnished. There is a very wrong attitude with some few idiots who think that they own the president. If the president does not put a stop to this his good name will be surely tarnished.

In a move to restore police authority the ZRP, Zimbabwe’s largest force, should invite officers who are due to leave the service or have retired in the past years to apply for the reengagement scheme, even if they have already taken their pension lump sum.

Speaking to this writer Retired Assistant Commissioner Sithole said, "In other countries ex members are called upon to deliberate issues and also they advise how they used to tackle issues and in our country we termed as spent Force no matter how good you were. We are not even regarded as a Reserve Force and yet we are still receiving our pensions. It's not everyone who's a spent Force otherwise we could form a Special Tactical Force without any blemishes."

Contacted for comment the Police Commissioner General was not reachable throughout the week. The minister of Home Affairs cde Kazembe Kazembe through his PA refused to comment. The United Kingdom has started the same programme.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said it is open to police ranks from constables to inspectors, but more senior officers will be considered "if there is a critical skills shortage".

I hope that it will be a very attractive offer to keep people very close to a service they love and may have been reluctant to leave," she told delegates at the Police Superintendents’ Association conference in Leicester. The one-year "return scheme" will allow successful applicants to re-enter the force at their former rank and "with the same level of financial reward as when they left".

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said it aimed to "enable the retention of officers with valuable skills and experience while we recruit nearly 2,000 new officers to grow officer numbers to 30,750".

"Those rehired under the return scheme will be required to leave the service for a period of one month and will be able to take their lump sum pension entitlement prior to their return," he added. "Their monthly pension will be abated to ensure that the officer is not earning more than when they left the service." Health and discipline records will be among the factors considered, and accepted officers will be eligible for promotion.

Zimbabwe has lost More than 5,000 police officers since 2010 amid government budget cuts that officers say have made the vocation less attractive to new recruits.

With the advent of the Mashurugwi and their delicate Union with politics a reserve force is necessary to be scrambled to deal with this menace.

The former minister of home affairs said it could help "to retain people with the skills, the expertise and the knowledge from being in the service a bit longer", adding: "The reality is the police service is competing in a very competitive market, so what’s the alternative? Do you want those people with special skill sets to go and work in a bank or a private sector, or do you want to retain them in the police service and still deliver a great public service?" The only problem is that there is a fear that the retired officers were aligned too much to the old dispensation. Putting that paranoia aside ZRP will benefit a lot from retaining the retired officers. The Mashurugwi and their masters will be in prison by yesterday.

Some people feel that policing is being used as a political tool. This sentiment holds no water considering that people who are killed by the Mashurugwi are not killed at a rally.

But many would welcome a drastically changed approach to police which is carrying out a frontline task in dealing with the highly politically connected Mashurugwi.

For this menace to be arrested a brave bold political decision must be taken. Zimbabwe needs its peace again.

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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