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My Uncle needs help

05 Jan 2020 at 10:50hrs | Views
My name is Etiwel Mutero the son of Elijah Hunjani and Edinah Shavi. Though I have much to write on my father's side I would like to dedicate this article to my mother's family the Shavi Family.

My mother is the second in a family of eight children. The first is Freddy Nyamanga Shavi whom we affectionately call sekuru FN, and the second is my mother (she never went to school but she is very wise and clever), then comes the late Phillip Shavi, mainini Flossy, Enos, Kennedy, Mavis and lastly Evelyn.

Our family was too poor such that sekuru FN used to send to us through his young brothers Phillip, Enos and Kennedy some groceries in Gokwe from his Gweru Southdowns house in the 80s. We knew him as a generous uncle together with his wife Mai Nyaradzo who was a nurse at Gweru General Hospital. Mai Nyaradzo used to send my mother some new clothes for Xmas. We knew her as a good ambuya by then.

However, something unexpected happened. Sekuru FN told me in 1990 that he had divorced Mai Nyarie. I asked him why he had done so but I couldn't get the explanation well. Time passed hoping the two will get back to each other, sometimes asking sekuru FN to woo Mai Nyarie back but it didn't work.

Then in the 2000s sekuru FN married a beautiful single mother MaNcube. MaNcube was very nice to us vazukuru,she loved our mother just like Mai Nyarie did. I liked her very much but she was always complaining about sekuru having many girlfriends.When I visited the couple one day I found a certain door damaged and I asked MaNcube whom I always called by her first name Netsai what happened to the door and she said it was broken while they were fighting with sekuru FN. Sekuru did not want me to know that they were always fighting with Netsai.

We used to be friends with sekuru FN. At one time he was my boss at Ministry of Education Arts,Sports and Culture Kwekwe District offices where he once worked as a District Education Officer (DEO). He worked as a teacher Deputy Head,Headmaster, DEO and worked at both provincial and national level in the Building portifolio. He was a great speaker and I used to invite him as a facilitator at my Records and Libraries workshops.

In 2016 I received a sad phone call telling me that Netsai has been found unconscious in her bedroom in a pool of blood and sekuru FN was nowhere to be seen. I rushed to Gweru and visited Netsai at Gweru General hospital where she was having difficult in breathing. She later died and sekuru FN was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years in jail.

I continued visiting sekuru FN first at Hwahwa Prison and now at Khami. He was a BP patient and later stroked while in jail and is now in a vegetative state for more than a year now. He can't talk or walk. He needs medical supplies which sometimes costs US$100 a month and sometimes the money is not there. He needs food supplies and sometimes I can't afford to buy it because I have none to assist me.

Sekuru Shavi has a house in Gweru Southdowns and there is a tenant there but the rentals are being collected by a certain naughty woman who is chopping the money and sparing nothing for the owner's upkeep. I need a lawyer to sue this woman but I don't have the money to engage one.

Sekuru FN has children from his first wife Mai Nyaradzo but the children don't care about their father.They don't bother to visit him.They dumped their father for reasons best known to them.

I know my uncle have friends out there from Zanu PF, from Ministry of Education, from Gweru Southdowns community, from the Baptist Church .May you guys remember your friend.He needs your help.He needs groceries.He needs your prayers.Just visit him.Just give him a smile besides his bed.He is currently admitted at Mpilo hospital under Prison Guard.If you want to visit him first go to Khami Maximum Prison and get permission to visit him and come back to Mpilo.

May the Lord bless those who will read and act.

Etiwel Mutero

Source - Etiwel Mutero
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