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The tale of two different groups with political significance in Zimbabwe's political dynamics

08 Jan 2020 at 14:33hrs | Views
The term "Mashurugwi"is an umbrella grouping of illegal miners  who can be further branched into other small groupings.Of late the "Mashurugwi" have been in the media almost daily.Their weapon of choice in their violent escapades is the machete .They have left a trail of violence wherever they have based ,killing rivals ,innocent people caught in the crossfire as well as attacking the law enforcement officers.

The "Mashurugwi" did not just emerge from nowhere ,they have been with us for a long time.

Recently in Gweru they showed their allegiance at a conference centre to their alleged "kingpin".They shouted Mudha,Mudha to none but the Minister of State Security .At one time they had boasted in Mashonaland Central that they were 'untouchables' so could wreck havoc without fear .

The other group comprises vendors found mostly in urban setups.By virtue of being confined in urban areas the State has classified them albeit, unofficial face of opposition.The police has shown its hypocrisy when dealing with this particular group.The same police that will be armed heavily to confront vendors has dared not use the same vigour in confronting these machete thugs save for recently when one of them was killed by the machete gangsters .

The "Mashurugwi" machete wielding thugs are a rag tag militia for  some Zanu pf politicians .

Had it been vendors carrying machetes heavy arm of the law would have descended on them long back .

The "Mashurugwi" during election time are used by unpopular Zanu pf leaders to instil fear into the opposition.In another plebiscite  these same thugs operating under the name "Al Shabab" terrorized the opposition as they declared Kwe Kwe a no go area for the opposition.Blessing Chebundo ,a former Kwe Kwe urban legislator for the MDC ,won the elections while in hiding having survived an attempt on his life.

The vendors seen through the Zanu pf eyes have their wares confiscated under the guise of clean up operations in urban areas.There are no clean up operations ,it is just a fear of Arab like  Spring revolutions by the jittery ruling Party.

The "Mashurugwi" are a by- product of Zanu pf ,s culture of violence.In the late 80s and early 90s they had the Youth brigades ,then came the Zimbabwe people's militia .After that came the Border Gezi youths who could do anything for the Zanu pf .All these outfits are no more as the economy made it impossible to maintain the training camps as well as feed them.

The "Mashurugwi" is just a rebranded name for the rag tag army for Zanu pf.It is like a lab experiment gone wrong as they now try to control their monster which now has grown too big to manage.

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Source - A Kadada
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