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G40 cabal wings clipped

09 Jan 2020 at 13:42hrs | Views
Former Zanu PF members and Cabinet ministers, who fall under the G40 cabal, and went into self-imposed exile in neighbouring countries are living testimonies that all is not well outside their country of origin, as measures have been put to clip off their political wings as they are banned from participating in any form of political activities.

After they were sacked out of the ruling party, Zanu PF, some of the G40 members including former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Walter Mzembi and former Zanu PF national political commissar and Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere found refuge in South Africa running from their various misdemeanour cases before the courts. As it stands, the two political turncoats are facing a number of corruption cases and underhand deals they committed during their tenure as Ministers. Also, another self-exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who now resides in Kenya is also facing corruption cases which among others include syphoning of the ZIMDEF funds.

Reports have it that Kasukuwere and Mzembi are forming their opposition political parties ahead of the next elections which are scheduled for 2023. Mzembi's outfit dubbed 'People's Party' is said to be deputised by former Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa together with former Zanu PF member of UK/Ireland branch, Lloyd Msipa. Whilst on the other hand, Kasukuwere will be leading the 'TysonWaBantu Movement.' Interestingly both parties have no structures.

The two political parties which are at their infancy are likely to suffer from stillbirth as the South African government has banned any refugees residing in their country from participating in politics of their countries of origin. To add on, these fly-by-nights political parties which are being formed outside the country have no followers, thereby making it very difficult and questionable for the leaders to viably participate in the next elections.

However, the decision by South Africa to ban politicians with refugee status to actively participate in politics is commendable. Genuine politicians have nothing to hide; hence they should actively participate in politics of their nations in their countries of origin. Kenya should also be encouraged to ban and deport all politicians with refugees status from participating in politics of their countries of origin, as some are involved in hate language, incitement and influencing of political violence.

Former Industry and International Trade Minister who is also the leader of Alliance for People's Agenda (APA), Nkosana Moyo, is an example of a failed politician, who spent years in South Africa and later decided to contest in the presidential race as independent candidate should serve as an example of failed politics from across the border.

Zimbabweans believe in supporting a party or an individual whom they know have proper historical background and vibrant party structures. To be honest, the electorate will not trust a political party they knew was formed out of anger or revenge.

It's an open secret that Mzembi and Kasukuwere's political parties were formed as a result of sour grapes. Their decision to form those political outfits was obviously made as a way of scoring political points after they were dismissed from the revolutionary party. It is believed that when a politician forms a political party, the main idea will be to serve the people and try to improve their standards of living. Conversely, the G40 members are not genuine in forming their political outfits as they are more of personal pet projects for self-aggrandisement.

In 2017, the late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was reportedly quoted saying, "One of the things that you have to understand is that and I have asked a lot of my colleagues in the opposition movement, when you form a party, you must ask yourself, where am I going to get the people, because at the end of the day it is the people who decide whether you are a successful politician or not."

So, for Kasukuwere and Mzembi to boast about forming new political parties without followers is a waste of energy as proven by history. Unfortunately, the popularity they had when they were in Zanu PF will not follow them as Mai Joice Mujuru's case laid bare. Its cold outside of Zanu PF, they should ask Jonathan Moyo.

Source - Peacemaker Zano
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