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Zanu-PF government has dismally failed the people

10 Jan 2020 at 09:03hrs | Views
Despite numerous assurances from the new dispensation that things will improve since they took over in November 2017, there is nothing changing. Actually we are getting deeper into economic morass.

Unemployment is still very high. The poverty datum line is so disturbing. Hospitals are still incapacitated.

Everyone is now aware that the current government has dismally failed to meet the expectations of the people and it has failed to fulfill what it has promised the people during the election campaigns.

What makes this government a laughing stock is its inconsistency in policy implementation coupled with lack of competence and a proper vision within the government structures.

They talk of launching of a Satellite station and introducing electric cars when the country is grappling with power supply. Some grown up men and women in the government are pretending as if things are alright and that everything is moving smoothly, yet in reality the situation is bad.

We have also a problem with sone individuals who continually defend such failure and keep on giving a false hope to the starving people, when deep down they know the truth that Zanu PF has failed the people.

Right now the country is seized with the machete wielding gang using a moniker word (Mashurugwi) who are running amok raping, beating and killing innocent civilians.

Are the days of notorious dissidents back in Zimbabwe? The country is well known as a peaceful nation and that status should be maintained. Other people are questioning who is actually behind these machete wielding malcontents? Could this be a creation of the top powerful politicians. Their behaviour is similar or more like that of Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram. Such behaviour is likely to cause anarchy if we don't treat these offenders as enemies of the people.

The government has betrayed its citizens by treating the MaShurugwi incidences with kids' gloves. Innocent lives have been lost and there is no statement from the Minister of Home Affairs. The silence at such a time is great betrayal.

Zimbabwe will be safe only if there are more opportunities for everyone. This idea of allowing trained soldiers turn into criminals and start committing crimes of humanity is unacceptable.

Innocent people must not live in fear of their lives and should be free to conduct their business without any threats. It is sad that the government has failed to even identify the soldiers who killed civilians on 1 August 2018.

This is absolutely lack of seriousness on the part of the so called new republic. It can't bring to book such offenders hence the mushrooming of these machete wielding gangs. The soldiers who committed the offence are known and must be held accountable.

This kind of sweeping cases under the carpet and covering up will not heal the nation. Same behaviour being employed by ZACC, catch and release. We are not going anywhere with this tired and clueless regime.

Life has become so difficult for ordinary people in Zimbabwe and we contime to hear such barbaric killings of innocent souls.

Thousands of people are crossing the boarders of neighboring countries seeking for greener pastures as our own government has failed to provide such. A lot of people have become economic refugees. The austerity measures introduced by the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube have not produced any fruits at all. They have actually worsened the situation.

It is now even a nightmare for a Zimbabwean to acquire a passport. One has to wait for hours and go back home and come the following day.

There is need to open a new page in Zimbabwe. The people are bitter and national healing is called for.

The is no national consensus between the opposition and the ruling party because of the legitimacy problem which is still haunting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The disputed election is still causing some friction within the government. This is a fact which no one can dispute. The speed at which the economy is nose diving is beyond control. The leadership is just cluesless and has no idea where to start from. Time to swallow their pride and make serious decisions.


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