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Our motherland needs solutions!

12 Jan 2020 at 08:42hrs | Views
The excitement of a new year quickly dissappears when we wake up to the reality of a new year with the same old problems. Many South Africans are still unemployed and can't afford basic things, I'll avoid mentioning others problems we face as a nation because the list is too long, painful and very embarrassing. Living in South Africa becomes a challenge, all we receive is bad news and things that are going wrong. We need good news that will revive our hope to this nation. And to put a smile on the faces of the hopeless.

It's a new year and all we want is to see the government taking critical measures to bring forth solutions that will redress our problems. I admit that it's everyone's duty to bring forth change to our beautiful nation. But those who have the key to the nation's resources must lead us, there must be serious accountability in the distribution our resources in this country.

We have enough resources, to give everyone a better life. "Unfortunately some decided to see others living the worst life, while they live a great life, at the cost of the poor." We need leadership, we need leaders who are committed to change, the change that will bring progress and prosperity to everyone who isn't idling.

Hard working and skilled citizens, endup being depressed just because certain leaders don't want to open doors for them to initiate initiatives that will better their lives and those of fellow South Africans. We need to be a nation that embraces new ideas and leadership without any hesitation. "Because leadership is not a career, but it's a calling that comes with great responsibilities."

South Africa is capable of solving it's problems. We are not a dumb nation, we are very intelligent. And our faults can't take away that pride from us. "However some people feed on our problems that's why they don't want this problems to be resolved, our problems somehow makes them rich." Whilst the rest continues to suffer in their own motherland. Indeed the struggle continues, Aluta Continua!

I deeply believe that what distinguishes a leader from a follower, is the anointing and the capability to simply bring forth concrete and reliable solutions. I might not be wealthy and famous, but I've got brains, and I can't fail to come up with solutions to better my fellow South Africans lives. "By the way history tells us that, great change came through ordinary people, who believed in extraordinary visions and missions." These a Chinese Proverb that says; "People who say it can't be done shouldn't interrupt those who are doing it."

The ANC was celebrating 108 years in Kimberly. I don't question the entire celebration, because ANC has achieved a lot of success as a liberal organization. Maybe they do have a reason known to them to celebrate. But I'm partly questioning the number of South Africans who have nothing much to celebrate. "Because the land of opportunities, their motherland only blessess a few. Whilst others live in the alignment of regretting the dreams that they never achieved, because of doors closed by fellow South Africans, in the name of greed."

The ANC has done a lot which I'm grateful for, and it still has much to do. But the first step for it to ashame their haters, is by handing over the baton to the young comrades, the next generation." We are ready to continue with the legacy of what our forefathers fought and died for." We are ready to come up with ideas and initiatives that will make every South African proudly.

I challenge my Honorable President Ramaphosa to turn the ANC 108 anniversary celebration into a project. A project to be led by young ambitious South Africans to bring forth solutions to make this year a great start to progress the nation to greater heights. I humbly request my President to name the project; "108 Solutions Initiative." We must stop pointing fingers and complaining, it's the easiest thing to do, but it will take us nowhere as a nation. We must stand for change. "Count me in, in solving my motherland problems."

I love you all and Stay blessed!

Source - Eric Shikobela
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