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Chiwenga round-up Mnangagwa's MaShurugwis

16 Jan 2020 at 06:46hrs | Views
This was originally a comment by one of our regular readers 

Thank you President Chiwenga for rounding up Mnangagwa's Karangas. If we are not careful, Zimbabwe will turn into a Siera Leone Black Diamond.

I may be Karanga, but l simply do not want to hear any Zimbabwean being killed for lootery or politics by a Karanga. 

We saw enough with Mugabe and his tribe asserting itself above general Zimbabweans. A revenge for such by doing the same, this time being Karangas or MaShurugwi in particular, being favoured is bad news.

I really think Zimbabwe would do better under Tonga, Venda, Nguni or Sotho. These tribes do not advance tribalism as the Shona do. 

South Africa is run by people who are indegeneous to Southern Africa and they avoid the temptation of tribe thus why the ANC thrives. 

The real problem with us Shona is because we do not originate from Southern Africa. We originate from the North of Zambezi and our traits are not different from tribal broblems up north in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania etc.

The Nguni are not extreeme when it comes to tribe. They can live and respect the rights of others. Some people we do not like at all like Paul Siwela could lead and show us a Zimbabwe we have never thought was possible. He is Nguni like Mandela, Nguni like Thabo Mbeki, Nguni like Zuma, Nguni like Mzilikazi, Nguni like Lobengula, Nguni like King Mswati and when they rule, they do not favour one tribe. They empower all tribes and promote a living sphere where anyone who has a talent can freely excecute his potential up till the sky stops him. We Karanga, Zezuru and Ndau have a problem because we behave like the Swahili or Tutsi and Hutu. Our Wezhira, MwanaWekuMarayini mentality is diabolic.

Right now as Chiwenga fights Karanga's Mashurugwi murderers while their leader Mnangagwa is away, does not mean that Chiwenga is a reasonable leader. Instead, it simply shows that Chiwenga is Hutu, Mnangagwa is Tutsi.

When Hutu Chiwenga was fighting for his dear life in China, Tutsi Mnangagwa was busy prunning the Army and intelligence of Hutus. 

Anyone who has an intelligent and unique mind will agree with me that to stop all this Hutu Tutsi stoneage which was promulgated by Mugabe, we must be innovative and install Paul Siwela and see the difference for ourselves. Besides Paul Siwela, we could choose another Nguni like Chief Ndiweni but definately not people like Mqondisi Moyo or so. It has to be a Nguni.

I am a Karanga myself and if l were so inexpirienced, l would be supporting Mnangagwa on the stoneage principle of WeZhira. This is the mistake the Zezuru did with Mugabe which got us here. They supported him blindly on stoneage grounds of MwanaWekumusha instead of judging him on educated merits.

So, with these rounded up MaShurugwis, there is no Angel in Chiwenga, its all Hutu and Tutsi stoneage from Mugabe Regasi.

Source - Duprecio Dzimir
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