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Let's watch closely how the Zimbabwe military and the judiciary playout in the case of Chiwengas

17 Jan 2020 at 06:29hrs | Views
As believers we now know that if we are grateful for the small things that the universe gives us, it will send its abundant energy to even usher us more gifts than we could ever imagine. Our gratitude goes to the fact that Marry Chiwenga is out of prison and currently fighting to get her children back. We thank all the powers that be that she will reunite with her children sooner. However small it is a stride we must appreciate to the highest. Our sister: Advocate Beatrice Mtetwa really did what she knows best: she shone professionally! Thank you.

We thank the universe for giving Advocate Mtetwa & partner the wisdom to deal with Mary's case so professional and it angers well with our hopes and wishes for Marry Chiwenga. There are all signs that Merry will shine out, laugh last in all these allegations she is accused of by the whole General apparently the most powerful man in Zimbabwe today. He has the power over police and army, entities he uses to crush his enemy's willy nilly because he has power over the constitution of the land, never escape to mention ZACC an institution he uses as he wants: pamadiro a Georgina.

There is every reason to be proud of our legal professionals in Zimbabwe. Advocate Beatrice Mtetwa & partner are doing their thorough legal work and professionalism to assist our sister Marry amid corrupt practices by a woman headed ZACC and the army. To some of us without any legal knowledge we see some shortfalls in her case, shortfalls on the part of Chiwenga defence against Marry. Zimbabweans should be ashamed to be headed by a thug at best a criminal called Chiwenga. A thug who goes to abuse even the church to "pray" proves his ambiguous behaviour towards his children with Marry. What was General Chiwenga trying to prove, going to church to do what, an obvious criminal in the making and he is not ashamed of it. Chiwenga is not even ashamed of his own unfettered ignorance; uncouth behaviour towards his numerous women he has married so far.

I should be forgiven if I said Chiwenga in mentally challenged. His utterances of the previous social media quoted him talking about juju that his wife Marry left in the home and that the children are traumatized by Marry's juju she is supposed to have performed in the home. Which judiciary system in the 21st century will take on a case evidenced by juju performances in the home so that the whole General gets his divorce with Marry? If we are told that Africans are stupid, "we cringe" here is a case that shows absolute stupidity of the highest civil servant in the land: Zimbabwe. There are diplomats from all over the world in Harare who equally follow Chiwenga case with eager glee. What are they saying about African thinking in the 21st century: juju activities must be taken as evidence of divorce between Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga and Marry Mubayiwa in the courts of law?

Casting aspersions by the General against Marry, it appears as if Marry will laugh last. The General's accusation of juju, money laundering, murder and drug abuse do not qualify a case in the court of law because some of them have no sound legal challenge: suspicions of juju are not dealt with by courts . It is for this reason the Chiwengas lawyers may dismally lose the case. We shall watch carefully what our courts of justice will play out this case high-profile case. Will our justice system be compromised just as ZACC was compromised to acts as arbitrators in a domestic issue between Constantine and Marry? Are our courts going to be objective and follow justice in this case?

Marry indeed may have swindled the country a USD million and externalized it to buy houses and cars in South Africa, but why her alone and not the others who have done worse crimes than Marry? Is ZACC going to investigate the money given to Marry by President Mnangagwa: to be exact: it was 30.000 USD for her use to follow her husband to China. Did that money come from the public purse? We need transparency about the goings- in and -out of money to the top elite while our schools and hospitals are a sorry state. We have millions of street children who are about to eat grass to survive. But here is how a small section of our elite play around with public money pamadiro a Georgina.

Coming back to the murder case of Chiwenga by Marry. This is the most laughable murder accusation of the 21st century by a whole General. The public would like to know about this most careless private hospital in South Africa. Was it possible for Marry to remove the whole General from ICU without the staff knowing what is going on? Is there a report of the said private SA hospital accusing Marry of removing the General from the life-supporting machine? Why is the private hospital loudly silent about such a criminal act by his wife? We shall watch as see how this laughable story unfolds. In this case please be assured that I am not belittling the life of our General but the story of murder behind it is wholly questionable.

We women of Zimbabwe should demand that Marry's children go to their mother with immediate effect and without delay. The longer it takes for the children to be away from their mother, the more traumatized they become. If Marry is alive those children belong to her and her home in Borrowdale Brook and together with their mother. Her legal case should border along those lines. Only a bastardized mind would deprive Marry the right to her children.

This nonsense about trauma and how the General wants to capitalize on, is primitivity madness of the highest order!! The children are traumatized because of the way their mother was man-handled, bundled undressed by the brutal police to Chikurubi because this deranged husband Chiwenga wanted it that way: She was supposed to be humiliated on her way to Chikurubi and she was indeed humiliated. To this day I personally feel in my flesh and bones her humiliation 7 thousand miles away from the crime scene. It feels as if it was done to me and my person. I am sure it is the mammalian brain in me that informs me that what can happen to Marry can also happen to me equally at any given time and space. We hope the legal system will unpack all those crimes against the dignity of a human in the courts of law. If the General falls out of favour with his wife of co-habitat, for goodness sake she does not have to be treated inhumanly in the presence of her children who see a mother in her it does not matter what crimes Marry committed?

Externalizing foreign currency is a crime, yes. But how many criminals around Chiwenga and Mnangagwa have externalized US dollars in billions!!! Chiwenga himself is a criminal in this exercise of swindling billions of US dollars to China: cash meant for the public used to develop Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has vast resources to feed itself that is if we had a good functional government.

We should all be ashamed in the way Marry man-handled; was thrown out of her home by the brutal police and army, all that coming at the behest of the whole Advocate Moyo: the ZACC boss. This is how women are sent on errands to crush other women, forgetting that Marry is a mother in the first place. To use the word "disgraceful" is to make sure my description of disgust does not go below the belt. At best ZACC acted barbaric: we say to them in that department, shame and disgrace!! We wonder still why the police and army is not incarcerating the General for drug abuse.

Those drugs Constantine Chiwenga is talking about that Marry is smoking, Constantine knows about this mischief and is privy of it too. We demand justice. Justice to me is: if indeed Marry engaged in drugs, they must have been taking them together hence his knowledge about them. This is the dishonest and stupidity of Chiwenga: by trying to expose Marry on numerous goings-on in the home, he inadvertently exposes himself, but he thinks he is above the law: he thinks he can heap all the criminal activities of externalizing government funds and drug-taking: drugs they consumed together: husband and wife; now it's his wife he accuses of drug-taking because she has no power. This smear campaign against Marry about everything may legally fail the General adversely. That legal system he thinks he is above it, will fail him in this case because Beatrice & Co are smart guys. Globally everybody: governments and world organisations are watching this case eagerly. Our stupid and full of nonsense General does not know this that the world is following his silly shenanigans!! They are indeed laughing at the stupid Africans running a 21st century a government in ignorance!!

Here we are going to watch everything and carefully as justice system unfolds. How professional, how just is our justice system. Are they going to be fair and follow the book of law? Is fear of the General going to compromise the justice system. We are watching you. We have the best brains in the land to defend our sister Marry from false accusations. We demand that those children go to their mother to avoid further trauma damages to growing-up children. We demand that Marry goes to her home and the children. Marry will indeed laugh last and will laugh best. No Kangaroo courts please!

Source - Nomazulu Thata​​​​​​​
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