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Zanu PF surges closer to its 5 million recruitment target as Chamisa fights to deliver SONA

18 Jan 2020 at 08:17hrs | Views
Dr Masimba Mavaza
Never in our lifetime has the choice between the two major parties been so stark. Never has so much been at stake. And never has history seemed so radically open-ended, the opportunity to make a difference during an election campaign so clear.  ZANU PF has started its visibility campaign three years before elections. The  ZANU PF Commissariat department has set a target of five million voting membership by the year 2023.

"But there's one important sense in which these messages are right and it's this: our fight doesn't end today. In fact,  it has only just have begun. " commented The Zanu PF political Commissar Comrade Victor Matemadanda.
The relentless private media attacks on the revolutionary party will only escalate. If you want a more equal society, you have to choose ZANU PF.

The party understands that truly transforming the country demanded a sustained strategy to change the mindset and develop a production based electorate.

We need to create the power of dominant interests and build new powerbases to replace the mindset of donor funded society. This means taking on the trade unions, enlarging and uniting the state, opening up public entities and building up the rural communities to be be more comfortable than in the cities. For ZANU PF, it means supporting small scales businesses and promoting an economy powered by production. those who benefit from controlling resources that others need in order to live – and building our power as workers and citizens must not be allowed to do so.

This means that Zimbabwe needs a strong, independently minded mass base to succeed.
We know that our economic system was broken and that the old dispensation had no answers to offer.
Our slow-burning social, economic crises will be a thing of the past.

ZANU PF is offering unwavering support and solidarity to those who will be worst affected by the effects of the economic problems we are facing now. The party will in no doubt deliver all the promises of the elections.
Through the Commissariat department ZANU PF continue to build support for a progressive alternative, so that when this phase finally runs out of road, we are ready to replace it with something better. ZANU PF is now in the politics of production.  Cde Matemadanda said.

History tells us that once-in-a-generation change is never really a one-shot thing. It is messy, it is unpredictable, it never happens overnight, and it only ever looks inevitable with hindsight.
Comrade Matemadanda went on to say
ZANU pf  is geared for a massive mobilization and recruitment of new members to meet the 5 million target it has set for itself.

"We are going to mobilize around production centers or programs, where all members and non members are going to be encouraged to produce something. We have realized that the other challenge to our economy is that of non production, ofcource after sanctions and corruption."

Comrade Matemadanda castigated those who advocate for work stoppages "Any political party or group that advocates for work stoppage go slows or violent demonstrations is obviously an enemy of the very people they want to use for the demonstrations." It's like asking people to commit suicide. Matemadanda stated.

"Every family unit must be a production center. Where people produce at least for domestic consumption. The commissariat department is therefore going to encourage every production and economic department in the party to be on the ground working with the masses providing the necessary capacities in training and empowerment of our people so that every production activities they do are going to be done with a business mind and approach."

Matemadanda went on to say "We are going to encourage resuscitation of the VIDCO and WADCO  committees as an empowerment vehicle." In acknowledging the scourge caused by corruption cde Matemadanda said "Yes the fight against corruption must be real everyone must be involved, government, political parties all systems ie the judiciary, the police, ZACC and all of us in our leadership roles must speak against corruption as an evil we all want to nip it in the bud." Zimbabwe has lost billions of dollars in corruption. Corruption discourages hard work. "Hard honest work must be be encouraged and rewarded" The National Political Commissair said "Our ministers, permanent secretaries, directors and all staff must be be geared to work hard.Corruption in the work places must be a  thing of the past. People must be employed on merit not in who they know or who knows them."If we get rid of these evils, non production, corruption, sanctions and negative perceptions of ourselves, Zimbabwe will prosper against"

Cde Matemadanda was upbeat on the progress the party has taken in economic and political development.
Commenting on the Mashurugwi menace and the utterances by MDC A suggesting that Mashurugwi were a creation of ZANU PF COMRADE Matemadanda said

"MDC A can not want to donate mashurugwi to ZANU pf  when all of us know that the culture of violence is what defines MDC who doesn't know that they took a group of Mashurugwi to Dr Tsvangira's funeral to kill Thokozani Khupe,ObertbGutu  andMwonzora ?  Who doesn't know that every MDC gathering spills blood. It is common cause that they have deployed their forces the so called Mashurugwi or the Vanguard to try and tarnish the emerge of the Midlands and ultimately that of the President. They want to raise money through the many robberies they commit and they have promised to overthrow the government hence this is a warfare they are embarking on. So they will not want to sway national attention on their creation"

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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