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The first duty of government is to afford protection its people its citizens

18 Jan 2020 at 08:23hrs | Views
Dr Masimba Mavaza
The Government Has an Implied Moral Constitutional Duty to Protect Individuals from Harm and from the Mashurugwi.
The continuing failure of the government to respond to the growing threat of Mashurugwi despite affirmative duties to do so, creates a governance vacuum that the Constitution might help fill, if such a responsibility could be found within the document.

Because of the grave risk of serious harms to future generations, our failure to take timely mitigating actions on Mashurugwi issues can be seen as a serious moral failing, especially in the light of our current knowledge and understanding of the problem.
Arresting the messenger does not stop the sender from sending some one else.

GOVERNMENTS almost certainly originated with the need to protect people from conflicts and to provide law and order. Perhaps human nature dictates selfishness, and people inevitably will come to blows over who gets what property or privilege. Or maybe, as KARL MARX explains, it is because the very idea of "PROPERTY" makes people selfish and greedy.

Whatever the reasons, governments first evolved as people discovered that protection was easier if they stayed together in groups and if they all agreed that one (or some) in the group should have more power than others. This recognition is the basis of SOVEREIGNTY, or the right of a group (a country) to be free of outside interference.Part of a government's function is to protect its citizens from outside attack and internal attack.
A country, needs to protect its citizens from one another, and it needs to organize to prevent outside attack. Historically, they have raised armies, and the most successful ones have trained and armed special groups to defend the rest. Indeed in the twentieth century, governments have formed alliances and fought great world wars in the name of protection and providing law order.

But Zimbabwe is a different scenario. Mashurugwi are daring law enforcers and killing people at will. They roam our towns and people are no longer safe in their homes.

The government must act against these thugs and they must bring all the force of law in them.
If it means manning the roads and search all the cars which pass through so be it.

Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world and we must feel safe  behind our doors.  
The country can not watch the Mashurugwi boasting of killing people displaying weapons without shame. We urge the  police to hunt down all those who were in that video. They are terrorists and must never be left alone.
 Citizens deserve better and they must have confidence in their government.

While it should mentioned that Mashurugwi are giving a very bad name to Shurugwi which is a good and a peaceful town. There are no cases of cruel brutal murders in Shurugwi.

It is not a secret that the Mashurugwi originated in Kwekwe under the brutal management of a very high ranking minister who is known and yet very close to the president. When he formed these Cruel satanic vandals he was using them to collect thirty percent of all gold mined from all artisan miners. Kwekwe became like Somalia and this lawlessness was nurtured by the police. This big man mentality allowed the illegal activities to appear normal.

Now that the godfather of the Mashurugwi does not need them anymore they are now behaving like un guided missiles.

They have gone too far attacking and killing police officers, raping and murdering Eighty year olds. Raping minors and reducing the whole mining industry into a killing zone.

The level of rebel exhibited by the Mashurugwi is very high. It has to be contained now. Videos of them chopping people are viral. They use such   devilish such demonic way of killing a person.

The Chief Justice has set aside special courts to deal with the Mashurugwi. This is a welcome move.
But it is disheartening that MDCA wants to play politics with the Mashurugwi. This has drawn anger from Deputy minister of Defence Cde Victor Matemadanda who said. "MDC A must not donate the MaShurugwi  us.

Now before this article is published ten more people will have been killed by the Mashurugwi. The Mashurugwi have killed more people in the times of peace than those killed in the war.

Now the Mashurugwi are costing our mining industry. They are putting Zimbabwe on the high crime alert.
In all this demonic activities the country is the one which is suffering.

Miners are panicking the country  burns the Mashurugwi are boasting.
The nation groans and the citizens mourn they all look up to the government for protection.
How many have to die before the Mashurugwi are put to order together with those who support them.
The president must authorise the army to jump in action.

People can not leave in fear of the machete  wielding lunatics. The police are failing so the army must be invited to bring back peace and order.
Our country deserves better.
The Government has a duty of care and a duty of protection.
The strength of the government must be seen in the protection.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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