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Polad: A deceptive monster with wickedly curved horns!

23 Jan 2020 at 13:22hrs | Views
While it is an undeniable fact that the current social, political and economic decay in Zimbabwe sorely yearns for dialogue to castrate it, the current but shabbily  crafted so-called Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) is not befitting or qualifiable for credible and genuine dialogue. Having been initiated and single-handedly established by Mr Mnangagwa(the president of ZANU PF) in May 2019 through his egotistical invitation of the alleged "bunch of losers", Polad falls far below any credible measure of a dialogue platform but might qualify as a pastime of squirrels on a hot summer day. It is just a run of the mill scenario comprising a maliciously grouped brood of hens and capons shamelessly drowning in an old rusty drum of opague beer.

Shockingly and befitting of them, most Poladites are celebrating their new-found glory. Anybody familiar with a baboon in IsiNdebele legend, that suddenly picked a golden ring in the bush, could explain better!  The rest is tail up; tail sideways and, tail down in dance and celebration for the neighbours to see and hopefully envy the supposed achievement! What a shame! Appropriate to their occasion, even the multiple crash-drivers of the ill-fated Polad cannot convincingly explain what it is, let alone what it aims to achieve. It is just somebody's pregnancy by an illegal suitor that cannot be convincingly accounted for before the difficult-to-deceive elders! Polad is, in all aspects, a diabolic and weird monster with wickedly curved horns that will potentially stab to death even the horridly deformed creature itself. Deceit is like torn underwear that finally exposes you to your new-found love, our elders say. It would be exposed no matter how you endeavour to conceal it!

Polad is in that league too and will be exposed for what it really is. Polad is cunningly behaving like one obsessed by her artificial beauty. Thick make-up, long grooved nails, skilfully painted eyebrows and lashes; cardboard-raised breasts and high-heeled shoes punctuate the beauty of this unnatural creature. It is only the foresighted potential lovers that would notice the rough and grubby skin beneath the thick-walled make-up. On the other hand, the gullible potential suitors would sing, dance and ululate to their ancestors thanking them for their immeasurable generosity in providing the lover of their dreams!

It is not surprising that any propaganda by anybody in favour of Polad will simply not work! It is destined to hit a dead end. Even former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein's propagandist Muhammad Saeed el-Sahhaf and notorious Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, could not successfully spin for the lame duck concept of Polad. How does a crab that walks sideways in broad daylight suddenly turns and convinces the world that it is walking otherwise? Hence Polad has remained largely uninspiring and disinteresting to the generality of the discerning citizens who clearly see Polad for what it is; the monitor lizards' territory and platform!

Polad is an ineffective decoy aimed at diverting the population's attention from the real issues affecting Zimbabwe. It is a maliciously constructed tool to hit off-target at the problems bedevilling the country. The economy is in shambles. Social service is in a mess and no longer exists. Workers, including professionals, are living in abject poverty. Democratic space is brutally deformed and shrunk. The little political space that remains boasts a pungent and life-depriving smell of the pesticide of autocracy. Family life has crumbled. Healthcare is dead, among other ills prevalent in the country. In that regard, only an imbecile could dispute the obvious general decay and deterioration that is prevalent in the totality of our lives. The evidence yearns for those who are blind to see it.

Instead of calling on the so-called new dispensation to speedily address the causes of these ominous problems and their nature, the self-manufactured  parliament of Poladites is excited by the accompanying chicanery and feel important and lucky to be invited by "His Excellency at his discretion, to participate" in Polad. Hence nearly all of them have become its religiously mandated gong-masters and proud workers in a desolate fish-farm.

Zimbabweans need to demand, from ZANU PF and its President, the promises of the 2018 elections. How does ZANU PF and Mnangagwa decide to give us the bedridden idea of Polad instead of delivering on their electoral manifesto? Who mandated  Polad to be Zimbabwe's self-imposed parliament? Where are the jobs, economic growth, infrastructural development and roads? How many and where have the thousands of houses per annum promised by ZANU PF during electioneering been built? Also coming to mind is the laughable promise that "ATMs would ooze with cash such that ‘you' will lose appetite to withdraw". Can someone direct me to such an ATM? The "oozing cash" is still a pipe-dream with several of one hundred days periods having sadly passed, with nothing happening. Shame.

Now it is alleged that Polad will provide sanitary pads or will lobby for its budget, as the madly excited ones claim. This subscribes to Polad's shockingly  hypocritical nature of being a choir that sings in discord and confusion. Anything planned and manufactured in Luciferland will never taste order. It is also spectacular how the self-proclaimed myriad of Polad  spokespersons compete to shamelessly broadcast the heap of confusion and its smelly broth they are in.

The genuine and credible dialogue that Zimbabwe needs should never be self-centred and bent on selfish entrenchment of both individual or party power like what Polad is doing. Such an egotistic approach has never worked and will never work in changing the fortunes of the country. While it is an irresistible fact that the country needs dialogue, we deserve better than Polad. If Polad is for sanitary pads for our female folk, then let us have "economic and political" dialogue which will include non-pad users too. Such dialogue should be inclusive of all stakeholders and be convened by a reputable person agreed by all the stakeholders.

The current murky approach to dialogue by Polad only qualifies and passes as gooseplay between ZANU PF and her "loser" friends and should be rejected at all costs as it is more than a dragon with wickedly curved horns.

Nhlanhla Moses writes in his capacity as a disenfranchised Zimbabwean.

Source - Nhlanhla Moses
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