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There is a special place in hell for women!!!!

23 Jan 2020 at 21:58hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
This is a special quote from the former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." This quote comes to my mind because the ZACC boss never ceases to amaze, I am sure it's not only me but many. Advocate Loice Matanda-Moyo recues herself from Marry's case because of close relationship with the family Chiwenga; so was the article about her in Bulawayo 24 yesterday and today. What stuff and nonsense; why now when Marry languished in remand prison for three consecutive weeks. Our sister and mother spent Christmas behind bars. She tells us today and yesterday that she recues herself from dealing with the Chiwengas matter. She talks about the vulnerability of women in corruption cases today, today and not five weeks ago.

Advocate Loice Matanda-Moyo reminds me of the biblical story of Herode. When he was asked by the Jews who had captured Jesus for slaughter on the cross, Herode recued himself from the accusations regarding Jesus Christ: He washed his hands clean of the matter. We see this scenario playing in our politics today in biblical fashion. In todays Bulawayo 24 news Advocate was at a workshop she attended together with Diplomat Ms. Mette Sunnergren; Head of Development & Cooperation from Sweden.  Mrs. Matanda-Moyo said, to quote the news reading verbatim:  ZACC Chairperson Justice Loice Matanda Moyo said, "Most of the men are the engineers of corruption therefore women became more vulnerable and suffer the consequences of corruption; she said.

Realizing that she will be speaking with a foreign diplomat the next day, Advocate Matanda-Moyo spurns Marry's case and washes her hands off the case a day before she meets Diplomat Mette Sunnergren. We are now made to believe that she has nothing to do with Chiwenga's case; it is not in her hands. We would believe her if she came out guns blazing the day Marry was incarcerated to remand prison leaving behind vulnerable children crying for their mother. We did not hear from her but only today and yesterday. The ZACC boss never for once gave us the impression that she has this above average sovereignty that saw her unfit to deal with Chiwenga's case because of her military connections to them both, only today because she was speaking with a foreign diplomat.

The affidavit to put Marry Mubayiwa into remand prison came from ZACC office and she is privy of all that transpired in the processes leading to her incarceration. Now 5 weeks down the line she recuses herself because of fear of losing face to a foreign diplomat who is also a woman. The Thursday meeting was talking about the vulnerability of women in on-going corruption cases in Zimbabwe. I hasten to say that the Advocate's response to today's meeting smacks of insincerity and dishonesty of the highest order. Matanda-Moyo had orders from General Chiwenga and it was ZACC's orders to have Marry Mubayiwa imprisoned because Marry had dressed down her husband in a family meeting.

Diplomat Madeleine Albright and millions of women globally are weary of such women like Mrs. Loice Matanda-Moyo who are used by men to inflict pain on other women; they are used to gaslight other women: literally women are sent on errands by men to crush other women without thinking of the consequences pertaining to their actions. We women are our worst enemies ever and we can allow ourselves to sink that low in executing men orders. Did Loice Matanda-Moyo ever give a thought about how Marry was forced from a shower naked and bundled by soldiers at the behest of ZACC affidavit that had several accusations some of which were outside ZACC jurisdiction. The example of one the accusations is attempt of murder. Marry is accused of attempting to murder the whole General. My question is; are murder cases also cases to be handled by ZACC?
Please readers do not misunderstand me on this case. Marry is accused of externalizing forex to South Africa and China and she bought houses in South Africa with unaccounted funds that were externalized by her company. These are serious accusations by any legal standards. But one question stands out: How many top bastards in the echelons of power have externalized forex: why is ZACC picking and cherry who is to be accused of corruption and who is not. Why did Marry's case only unfold when she had a "good go" with the General at a meeting supposed to be a family meeting to solve the differences between the two married birds? Marry exposed the General's abilities and capabilities in the bedroom and that infuriated the General to used state institutions: ZACC, army and police to act in a crude manner.

Given time and space, there is a lot that the public shall know about the externalization of money and money laundering coming from Marange diamonds revenues. Marry will laugh last because apparently the two bosses, two top civil servants are at logger heads: The top men; Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have fallen out of love of one another. Chiwenga has many fronts to fight now; one, his health is not the best; two, Zanu wants to put Chiwenga to rest for health reasons and if that happens then Chiwenga has not power to talk about anymore. Three: Already we are told that Chiwenga has avid ambitions to take over from Mnangagwa. But he cannot stage another coup for whatever reasons. The SADC will not go for it this time around. SADC closed its eyes when Mugabe was removed by the army from power because they wanted him out. A coup will not happen in this region again.

Talk about smartness, Chiwenga is not one of them and he knows that too: General Chiwenga cannot fight numerous fronts concurrently. How is he going to take over the administration of a country with so much potential like Zimbabwe, a person with grade seven academic abilities on his cap. Can he not see that Mnangagwa is out of his breath? Mnangagwa is failing to administrate this country in all aspects of governance. If at all Chiwenga was smart, he was not going to use crude methods to revenge his wife and mother of his children; Marry but to use civil means that exist in our justice system. There is no civilized mind that can use soldiers to punish a wife and a mother, even if she was just a citizen of Zimbabwe. The lives of millions of citizens are at the mercy of those who have no knowledge of service to the people but to them and the top brass. It has happened in some countries that if you reduce people to this measure, we find ourselves in, the very masses will one day will collect all courage left in them and say enough is enough!

I pen off by asking Advocate Loice Matanda-Moyo to be exemplary when dealing with women and girl-children. Those women in power like her can do a lot to uplift the lives of vulnerable women she talked about in our societies. The glory of a woman boss bundling another woman into prison with flimsy accusations should shame all of us global women. Our fight for gender justice should be fought by women in the positions such position like the one Advocate Matanda-Moyo is today. Let's refuse to be doormats for men and genuinely fight for justice. There is a place in hell for women who treat other women badly, crudely sent by men. Advocate Matanda-Moyo should remember that always.

If there is a case that should put Advocate Loice Matanda-Moyo to shame is the General Constantine Chiwenga and Marry Mubayiwa. She can recue herself, we welcome that, but it does not assist us anyhow in relation to Marry and her absent children from their mother, but her face from the foreign diplomat and her conscience she has done the homework.
Source - Nomazulu Thata
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