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'MDC 2020 Agenda will not lift sanction' - more significantly, will not end rigged elections

24 Jan 2020 at 09:44hrs | Views
There is a mountain of evidence proving that the root causes of Zimbabwe's economic meltdown are 40 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. The reason why the nation has been stuck with this corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF regime for all these years is because the party rigged elections.

MDC has had many golden opportunities to implement the democratic reforms which would have ended the Zanu PF dictatorship. Sadly, MDC leaders has proven to be breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent.

Zanu PF has always wanted absolute power and has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to secure the de facto one-party, Zanu PF, dictatorship. And it was and still remains the only chief beneficiary of MDC's failure to implement the reforms; but would not think so given the torrent of abuses from Zanu PF leaders and its apologists have been heaping on the MDC leaders.

Zanu PF leaders have dismissed MDC leaders as puppets of the West, amount the many other derogatory things.

But Zanu PF is not averse to doing a volte-face; make the MDC puppets their masters of their western puppeteer masters; just to suit the party's irrational narrative.
"In his (2020) state of the nation address the MDC A leader shocked the nation by his loud silence on sanctions," wrote Dr Masimba Mavasa wrote.

"ZANU PF has always said the opposition is after destroying the gains of independence and hurt the citizens of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is now groaning under the heavy yoke of the Economic down turn. The person who is causing this lunacy is among us and is Nelson Chamisa.

"Do economic sanctions destabilize the governments they target? A form of foreign pressure, sanctions are typically meant to alter the policies of other countries. There is much pessimism on whether they ever work. Economic pressure works in at least one respect: it destabilizes the leaders it targets and it destroys the citizens of such a country."

The real tragedy of Chamisa's 2020 Agenda is that it is not offering a roadmap on how the democratic reforms necessary to end the curse of rigged elections will finally be implemented.

As for the Western imposed sanctions, they are helping putting the pressure on Zanu PF to implement meaningful reforms; hence the reason they must stay. Whatever economic damage they have caused is nothing compared to the damage brought about by corruption and misrule.

Indeed, the sanctions must be extended to include even more Zanu PF leaders and political collaborators such as the Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube, and opposition leaders like Nelson CHamisa and Tendai Biti. The MDC leaders will never implement any meaningful reforms without a kick in the back side!

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