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Matemadanda rallies the nation against illegal demonstrations

25 Jan 2020 at 10:20hrs | Views
After Chamisa declared 2020 a year of demonstrations ZANU PF National Political Commissair rallied they nation to stand behind ED and ignore any calls for a strike. He started by saying  "The coming decade will be a hopeful one if the people of Zimbabwe come together to fight poverty and support development in the country and thwart hate and anti-Development syndrome at home, engineered by Chamisa. When we hope to mechanise and industrialise by 2030 as the president Mnangagwa has set MDC A is busy calling demonstrations. Their latest stunt is antidisestablishmentmentaliarism."

"The '20s can be good years,Let's surprise ourselves once again With what we can do. and with fully throwing Chamisa and his party under a moving big bus. We can not be held hostage by this party MDC A. 2019 was a difficult year for Zimbabwe it brought untold suffering but it was for a reason. We witnessed a fraught slowing economy bad relationship with major partners including the United States. But the president maintained an open for business policy. ZANU PF has steered the nation to success despite the difficulties.
And overarching all that is the threat of climate change with Zimbabwe having record breaking drought ,floods storms in the past few years.

With the coming in of the new dispensation Zimbabwe has never seen people so effectively roused to their history.
The crisis we now face in our country is at its height. In the midst of the hard misfortunes the nation faced we gathered together ready to fight on but there are those who are saying if its not theirs it will not be eaten. Vanodira jecha. These are domestic terrorists and Zimbabwe must put them down, vote them out.  We must display our unity, our unanimity and our strong will to overcome the difficulties we are facing as a nation.  We have a nation to run, And what an obligation it puts on us all, particularly the entire nation of Zimbabwe. Chamisa's call for demonstrations was and is a great alarm call to the nation! A nation that have the strength to survive and overcome perils even to draw from them additional strength, is unbeatable. We shall remember the heroes of the Chimurenga war who put all of us under a deep obligation.

We believe that the entire Zimbabwe's people have a passionate interest in what Zimbabwe is capable of doing. Zimbabweans are resilient people and will never be fooled by the destructive ways MDC wishes to gain power through.  As Zimbabweans therefore we must speak with holy seriousness and openness, as the hour demands. The Zimbabwean. people, raised, educated disciplined and humbled by the blood of others can bear the whole truth. It knows the gravity of the situation, and its leadership can therefore demand the necessary hard measures, yes even the hardest measures. We Zimbabweans must be armed against weakness and uncertainty. The gruelling economic conditions and misfortunes of the natural disasters only give us additional strength, firm resolve, and a spiritual and fighting will to overcome all difficulties and obstacles with revolutionary vigour.

"Now is not the time to ask how it all happened. That can wait until later, when the Zimbabwean people and the whole world will learn the full truth about the actions of the opposition party in Zimbabwe. The heroic sacrifices of heroism of our nation during the austerity measures has had vast historical significance for the whole Country. It was not in vain. The future will make clear why.

The time is short! There is no time for fruitless debates. We must act, immediately, thoroughly, and decisively, as has always been the National way.

The government must act decisively when faced by a threat. We must never be like the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand so as not to see danger. We are brave enough to look danger in the face, to coolly and ruthlessly take its measure, then act decisively with our heads held high. Both as a party and as a nation, we have always been at our best when we needed fanatic, determined wills to overcome and eliminate danger, or a strength of character sufficient to overcome every obstacle, or bitter determination to reach our goal, or an iron heart capable of withstanding every internal and external battle. We have fought wars and today our nation has its foundations in the wars and it cemented by the blood of our heroes. Our leader's task is to give an unvarnished picture of the situation, and to draw the hard conclusions that will guide the actions of the  government, but also of the people.

We face a serious economic challenge and we must not allow Chamisa to pile on top of our economic struggles. Now, we must accept things as they are and discover and apply the ways and means to turn things again in our favor. There is no point in disputing the seriousness of the situation. We must not give each other a false impression of the situation that could lead to false conclusions, perhaps giving the people a false sense of security that is altogether inappropriate in the present situation. The actions proposed by MDC A are destructive and indeed a serious sabotage.

The storm raging against our venerable nation from the misguided MDC overshadows all previous human and historical experience.
The history of our party and our state has proven that a danger recognized is a danger defeated. So we now realise that MDC A is a danger to the nation and it must be dealt with.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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