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Youth are sleeping on duty

25 Jan 2020 at 19:29hrs | Views
It is the right moment for the youth in Zimbabwe to realise that gone are the days when government would proffer a lot of opportunities in a silver plate.  Our brothers who had an opportunity to go to school in the 1990s were very lucky. The government offered them grants that were not even paid back by other students. As that wasn't enough, government departments used to provide them with lucrative employment packages. As for those who were not interested in working for government could seek employment in the private sector. Life back then was so easy and flush for the university graduates. All these things are now history and new strategies are needed for the youth to make end meets.

It is in the public domain that Zimbabwe is facing avalanches of woes ranging from political to economic. The economy of Zimbabwe is bleeding for various reasons which includes sanctions that were given to Zimbabwe by the western powers, secondly high level of maladministration within the government institutions, corruption is now the order of the day despites the efforts that are being put in place by the government to curb it. Lack of political will among the political actors to cooperate. The level of polarisation within the political divide is so immense.
It is a big joke for the youth in Zimbabwe to think that the situation in Zimbabwe can just turn in a blink of an eye. It will take time for the current situation to change for better.  It is now the duty of everyone to think outside the box. Zimbabwe is facing economic woes but it has a lot of opportunities that may be tapped for the better.

Zimbabwe has vast hectares land lying idle. The land need the vibrant, forward thinking, innovative, creative and talented youth to make profit out of it. Agriculture can be a very profitable and rewarding business if it is taken seriously and objectively.

Strive Masiyiwa in 2017 speaking at the opening of annual African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Zambia's capital Lusaka, he made a case for the opportunities in the Agriculture industry. Masiyiwa "O I wish was starting again. I wouldn't do telephones. I would go into agriculture".  To buttress his statement World Bank report of 2013 stated that Africa food worthy would be costing 1 trillion dollars in period of 15 years. This is really good for the youth in Zimbabwe whose ambitions is to explore the world markets. Zimbabwe used to be regarded as the bread basket of Africa. The same title is achievable as long as we are ready to work hard despites the prevailing problems in the country
Besides investing in Agriculture the youth in Zimbabwe may start to acquire entrepreneurship skills. Zimbabwean youth can grab opportunities in the mining sector. Youth are the life blood of a sound and robust economy in any country hence in Zimbabwe the moment is ripe for the youth to participate actively in mining industry. Zimbabwe has a plethora of minerals such chrome, gold, diamonds just to mention but a few.

Zimbabwean youth are supposed to engage the responsible minister to draw the legal framework that will do away with the rampant criminality in the industry. Many illegal miners are operating in the industry and they making it hard to be formalised. To add more on that the industry is full of notorious gangs "Mashurugwi" who attack other artisanal miners. There is still light at end of the tunnel since the government has taken some drastic measures to deal with the issue. Since the government started the operation a number of the Mashurugwi have been arrested and some have been already tried.

The service and manufacturing industry also seems to be another lucrative opportunity to be taken into consideration by the youth. Many people are a making a good living through investing in service industry. A group of young people may just come together and invest in service industry.  To venture into fast food, transport etc seems to be a big deal.  

Of course every citizen wait for his government to proffer opportunities but the case of Zimbabwe is so different and painful. It is now 3 decades of poverty, political polarisation and economic stagnation. The situation is not promising to change anytime soon despites the steps that are taken to do away with the crises. If the youth don't take the issues into their own hands in doing something no one is going to emancipate them from the dungeon of poverty. The dreams they hold will never come to pass.

They can emancipate themselves through actively participating in the economic as well as political activities. Political participation will enhance bottom- up approach and encourages transparency within the public sector. As the youth in Zimbabwe we are very guilty of sleeping on duty. We are forgetting the basic ethos of democracy and freedom. Our sleepiness is the reason why the public resources are being looted and corruption is so rampant. Some of the youth they even wish to join the ship of corrupters. They are ready to accept any amount of bribe that comes to them.
Whither Zimbabwe!

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Source - Matora Hupile
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