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Mnangagwa showed wisdom in transforming the party to become user friendly

27 Jan 2020 at 20:52hrs | Views
At the start of the new dispensation  comrade Emerson Mnangagwa promised that he would spend a lot of time listening. That's what he has done over the last three years, and that's what he has done over the last five weeks as well and thas what he does everyday.

Not listening to vested interests. Not listening to millionaires trying to buy influence. Not listening to highly selective focus groups

But listening to ordinary people the people he meets in the street people he met at the farm, people he meet anywhere.
Listening to their concerns about education, about food about meat about every aspect of their lives.

Listening to their fears about the State of the economy, their fears about life in the new Zimbabwe,
Listening to their disillusionment with politicians who break their promises and betray their trust, their disillusionment with corruption and with the none prosecutions in corruption.

The narrow fight between the ZANU PF and Opposition parties has excluded millions in Zimbabweans from their own election.
They want politicians to stand up and address the issues that matter to them.
They want commitments that are clear and costed.
They want leadership they can trust. They want to hear action being taken about the Mashurugwi and those who sponsor them.

In his Wisdom the president of Zimbabwe made appointments which should help him to take Zimbabwe to the promised land.
And there is just no time left to determine the direction we take in the days left for Zimbabwe to vote again. The president appointed a Commissariat team which sees the mixture of both charisma and bravery. The Charisma in Omega Hungwe the deputy National Political Commissair combined with the bravery of  Victor Matemadanda the man who can make the dead wood alive again.

Matemadanda took over from the capable hands of retired Major General Rugeje who scored his own blessed points and who awaits another opportunity to serve at His Excellency's pleasure. Matemadanda did not betray he carried the torch lighting all the paths with more agility and flexibility. He was quick to open doors for every Zimbabwean to join the party, he called upon diaspora to put more fire on the torch. With ZANU PF UK under the executive of Cde Masimba Tawengwa and Xavier Zvavare and other capable comrades the torch is now ablaze beyond burning.  

This is the time to turn this into a campaign that sets ZANU PF on the right course for the years ahead.
The Commissariat has made this the time to turn this into a campaign that focuses on the long term. The time to turn this into a campaign about the issues that matter to people.

Zimbabweans have endured a barrage of lies and distortions from the MDC A High Command, the like of which we have never seen before.

After years of losing they've got very cosy with all the lies- and they're now more frightened than ever of losing their grip as people has found them out. And when the MDC A Party get frightened, they get negative, and they get nasty.
Instead of engaging in honest debate, they will put up thousands of posters, distorting the truth.

Instead of confronting voters face to face, they will ring people up, whispering lies about our policies down the phone.
Instead of talking about their record, they will fight the most negative, most nasty campaign imaginable.

Well, we will not be cowed. The best antidote to negative Opposition campaigning is to fight positively on our programme for Zimbabwe and for our youth and for you and me. To make this party one which the Zimbabwean people can be proud of.
And our Party has a duty to make that happen. To offer people a different choice.

The investment to give our children the best possible education. To make Zimbabwe work again.  This ZANU PF has the  mandate , and commitments to protect and improve our lives again.

More arrests and successful prosecutions in the fight against corruption and crime.
Stability and long-term investment for business success. Cleaner air and water, and a safer environment.
The guarantee of a freedom remember ZANU PF fought for the freedom and the same freedom it will protect jealously. Open government, fair votes, power passed down to our youth. We have heard much about trust we are here to restore that trust. But politicians can't expect to be taken on trust. They've got to earn people's trust. Matemadanda and Mrs Hungwe and the team in executing the mandate given them by the president have the capacity to earn your trust. Trust them and join the party. This party is yours it is ours.

Trust comes from being straight with people. It comes from being consistent in your principles and policies. It comes from sums that add up.

Over the last three years, of the new dispensation Opposition has proved that they cannot be trusted.They have failed to prove that they are worthy of our trust. They have refused to denounce sanctions despite the suffering we are having as a nation.

What Matemadanda and Mai Hungwe have set out to do in this year is to earn people's trust.
That's why ZANU PF has stuck to its core values and consistent beliefs.

No foreign powers dressed up as opposition for us. No more indirect rule from Westminster or White households. No false promises of riches and bullet trains. ZANU OF knows the will of the people. We respect the will of the people.
ZANU PF IS the key to our success in the years ahead.
ZANU PF will Put right the damage of the Yesteryears years.
It is time to go for victory.
Now it's time for something different.
If you want a change of direction, not just a change of government - then don't waste your time just join ZANU PF now
If you want new priorities in Zimbabwe not just politics as usual - then don't waste your time join ZANU PF.
To continue the battle for progress and reform.
Now, as then, this country is faced with a stark choice.
Now, as then, it is time for a crusade.
A crusade for the new DECADE
A crusade for a new politics.
A crusade for new opportunities.
At the start of this decade ZANU PF , makes a crusade to build a country fit for heroes.
Now, we need a new crusade - to build a country fit for our children and grandchildren.
A crusade to give them the best education possible.
A crusade to protect the environment around them.
A crusade to give them a Health Service they can rely on.
A crusade to give them new opportunities and hope.
This decade provides the Zimbabwean people with a real choice. The choice to protect the gains of independence.
If you, are Zimbabwean believe in our crusade to build a country fit for our children and grandchildren, come and join ZANU PF.
Join ZANU OF if you want more investment in education.
Join it if you care about the environment.
Join it if you want more money for your schools and hospitals.
Join it if you care about your children's future.
Matemadanda says
"Join us as we go for victory.
Join us, and together, we can make the difference."

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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