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South African Police killer Prymore Moyo is member of MLF!! They're criminal elements in MLF

28 Jan 2020 at 12:50hrs | Views
How does MLF reprimand a country like South Africa, a people that are currently plunged in mourning for their dear citizen, killed on duty to effect law and order in South Africa by criminal Prymore Moyo? SA have just witnessed a crime committed by a criminal Mthwakazi man on a shooting spree and MLF would like to argue and trivialize criminality that "it was just this one incident", no, that statement is not true, they are many of them.

Prymore Moyo is a member of MLF and he killed South African policeman cold blooded because the Policeman stood in his way; he wanted to steal evidently. The MLF article in Bulawayo 24 would like to tell who want to listen that the killing of a South African Police is an isolated case. MLF would like to distance themselves from the brutal act Prymore Moyo because it exposes them. But this criminal is as criminal as Israel Dube who wrote articles, several of them sending me and others a message that whoever opposes MLF will be treated with a Winnie Mandela necklace: that is putting a tyre on my neck and douse me with petrol or paraffin and they will watch me burning!  Is that "noble" violence that should be tolerated by civilized societies?

How many times has MLF Israel Dube threatened me: Nomazulu Thata in his articles: with murder by dousing me with petrol and setting me on fire: the Winnie Madikizela Mandela style? Is that not criminality of the highest order? If I disagree with the views of the MLF why should I die, killed in that criminal style because I have views that are not in sic with MLF? Why are dissenting views not tolerated in this MLF movement that purports to free its people from marginalization by Zanu-PF?

Reading that MLF yesterday's article, one would feel how at pains MLF they are: the killing of a South African Police was done by a Mthwakazi "boy" and that case is isolated: they said. One would be forgiven if I said MLF would have liked that crime to have been committed by a Shona "boy" to qualify or quantifies their argument that people of Shona descent are inherently violent and Mthwakazi people are peace loving people! No dear MLF, criminals are in every society whether you like it or not.  

South Africa has lost a member of police force criminally murdered by a Mthwakazi man. Where are the statistics that confirm it was this one act of criminality done by Prymore Moyo from Mthwakazi? When we trivialize criminality, we should not insult the hands that feed us. That yesterday's article by MLF and the comments below literally spits at the face of the South African people who are, as we speak, are plunged in mourning of a lost citizen who was on duty to protect not only citizens of South Africa but all those peoples living in South Africa .

Mthwakazi Liberation Front has said it does not condone acts of criminality in its people following an incident of a Zimbabwean from Matabeleland Prymore Moyo who allegedly shot and killed a policeman in South Africa recently. MLF spokesperson Ndabezinhle Fuyane said it is an utter disgrace that some of the people turn to animals in the lands that are sheltering them and go about killing, stealing and or robbing people. My question is: is it not animality to threaten me and others to murder by dousing me with paraffin and burn me because I do not agree with Mthwakazi modus operandi and their ideology?

It is laughable to read this part of their article and it goes: "Mthwakazi was never founded along those principles and we warn any of Mthwakazi's nationals who commit such activities to stop. The cold-blood killing of a Johannesburg police officer by a boy from Mthwakazi, is one incident we shall live to condemn," he said. But it is the very senior member of MLF who threaten the people of Zimbabwe with criminal acts to eliminate me and anybody because we do not agree with their MLF ideology.

MLF should start by condemning the criminal elements inside their organisation. Before MLF starts correcting the South African police officer for painting all foreigners with the same brush, charity begins at home. Correct Israel Dube for his criminal intents, to murder any person who stands on their way in liberating Mthwakazi. "That is wrong of the law enforcer to twist the laws of the country. Not even the biological parents of the accused shall shoulder his sins. With him apprehended, we believe the law will play its part."

Who are you, MLF, to correct a South African people, who are currently plunged in deep mourning by a criminal called Prymore Moyo from Mthwakazi? This statement is just audacious to say the least.

Reading the threads of comments below the MLF article, it would appear as if Zimbabweans are condemning the South Africans for this murder of the policeman. They are saying Zimbabweans relocated to South African and they got exposed to criminality and learnt violence from South Africans. I really do not know how South Africans are going to take such glaring insults from unthankful Zimbabweans: literally biting the hands that feed them. Those comments clearly indicate that it is the South Africans who are to blame for their inherent violence in their societies. South Africans are the ones who taught Zimbabweans violent trick and criminality; hence a SA policeman has been murdered. Such utterances are some of many that ignite xenophobia in South Africa. While South Africans have to deal with the loss of a police enforcement officer, they must content with insults coming from Zimbabweas carelessly saying it is the fault of the South African that the policeman died because, supposedly murdered by "a peace-loving Mthwakazian Prymore Moyo" who relocated to South and was exposed to South African violence and therefore he has killed a policeman.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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