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'Trump to add new names to sanctions list' - splendid, please add Chamisa Mthuli Ncube!

31 Jan 2020 at 09:30hrs | Views
"Trump to add more names on Zimbabwe sanctions list!" screamed the headlines in Bulawayo 24!

YES! YES! I scream back, static ecstatic with in delight!

The sanctions list needed revisiting for five good reasons:

to counter Zanu PF arrogance and misinformation.

"While the United States has been the top provider of humanitarian and development aid to meet the needs of Zimbabwe's people, the government of Zimbabwe has implemented a misinformation campaign blaming the country's woes on targeted sanctions programs implemented by the United States," the two senators said.

In 2015 the late Robert Mugabe shocked the nation when he admitted the country was being "swindled out of US$15 billion in lost diamond revenue alone". This after decades of denying corruption was rampant and blaming the country's economic woes on sanctions. The best the regime has ever done was account for a few million dollars a year lost because of sanctions. Mugabe's admission forced the regime's propaganda into silence but not for long.

When it was clear Mnangagwa's "Zimbabwe is open for business!" mantra had failed to bring the flood of investors and there was no economic recovery; the regime reverted back to blaming the sanctions. Last year the Zanu PF regime even managed to collar the other SADC countries to join it in blaming the sanctions for the country's woes.

No one in there right mind should therefore be surprise that the Americans have decided enough is enough.

To assess the effectiveness of the sanctions and fine tune them

It is no secrete that sanctions have had little effect on the targeted Zanu PF leaders. The leaders have flouted the travel ban by having plane loads of delegates to every UN conference, for example. Another example, it was discovered last year that some banks had been business with the individuals and entities on the sanctions list.

Sanctions work but only if they are rigorously enforced.

"Given the developments in Zimbabwe over the last two years, we urge you to consider enhancing the tools at your disposal, including the use of targeted sanctions, to incentivise changes in behaviour by the government of Zimbabwe," the Senate U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The third reason in to add new names to the sanctions list.

"An update to the list of the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list should incorporate a balance of new designations with appropriate removals," said the senators.

The ongoing factional fighting in Zanu PF has resulted in large numbers of leaders being booted out of the party and replaced by new faces. The new sanctions list must reflect the chaos and musical chairs taking place in the party.

There are two new groups of individuals that must be added to the sanctions list. First to be added on the list are the MDC opposition leaders. It is a matter of historic record that the MDC have sold out to Zanu PF by failing to implement the democratic reforms and then by participating in flawed and illegal elections and thus giving the illegitimate Zanu PF regime some modicum of credibility.

Second on the list are the seemingly apolitical individuals like Professor Mthuli Ncube, Minister Coventry, Trevor Ncube and his fellow members on the President Advisory Council. They all know that Zanu PF rigged the 2018 elections. They knew that by working for the regime they will undermine the efforts to end the dictatorship; they did this regardless for selfish reasons.

There is no deny that Zimbabwe's economic and political crisis is a lot worse today than it was back in 2003; unemployment has soared to from 50% or so to 90%, poor health and education services then have all but collapsed, etc. The Americans, the EU and the UN have had to step in to feed 8 million Zimbabweans who would otherwise be facing starvation.

The Zanu PF government of President Mnangagwa has paid lip service to economic and political reforms, to the food shortages, etc. All the regime cares about is how to retain its dictatorial carte blanche political powers so it can remain in office and continue the looting of the nation's resources.

The targeted sanctions were necessary to rein in Zanu PF leaders tyrannical rule back in 2003. The economic and political situation in Zimbabwe today is a lot worse than it was back in 2003, Zanu PF leaders' arrogance and greed has increased in leaps and bounce. Now we need to impose the mother of all sanctions on these Zanu PF thugs before the regime drag the whole nation over the edge into the abyss!

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