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These are heinous crimes against humanity

31 Jan 2020 at 18:56hrs | Views
Reading Bulawayo24 almost every day one is shocked by the heinous crimes committed in this region of Mthwakazi: crimes against humanity are perpetrated by those very people who are Mthwakazian themselves. When we are told by the Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation that Mthwakazi is a peaceful nation, we wonder still what weed these young men are indeed smoking. Between the 29th and the 31 of January 2020 alone, Bulawayo 24 reported serious crimes against humanity committed by men in this region of Mthwakazi.   

To put all this into perspective dear readers: on the 30th of this month, a man from Nyamandlovu in Matabeleland North appeared in court facing charges of raping a minor enticing her with sweet reeds: infe! Again, a man from St Peter's Village near Old Pumula: Lizwe Ncube was arrested for allegedly threatening his mother aged 93 years old; with a machete forcing her to sleep at a neighbour house. Again, an 18-year-old man was arrested for having sex with a minor whom he accused of a debt of $2,50 Zimbabwean dollars: he was found guilty of rape. All this happened within three days in Mthwakazi region!!!!

There are serious cases of sexual abuse on women and girl-children in this region. Press backwards; a woman wanted to go to South Africa to sell her products but did not have money. To cut the story short, she had sexual intercourse with Usiphatheleni from SA to pay her journey to South Africa. The man told the woman, sex with her was not enough, he demanded sex with a five-year-old daughter of the woman who stupidly agreed by holding hands of the girl while the man was having sex. How animalistic and beastly can one still go? She got the money, but the womb of the five-year-old girl ruptured in the act and had to go to the hospital. This is how the mother got caught by the law enforcers. But the criminal man ran away to South Africa as usual, a haven for Zimbabwean criminals. Criminals in Mthwakazi region run for cover in South Africa and how many of them have run away from justice, and South Africa as their haven, running away from the crimes they have committed at home?

How many old women have been accused of witchcraft and hacked to death? These are old women suffering from dementia, at night they go out for a pee naked. After a pee they start wondering, not able to locate their hut due to the nature of their illness. When seen by anyone, naked, because supposedly witches go naked, she is automatically sentenced to witchcraft and sometimes hacked to death by relatives. Some cases sound medieval, but these are numerous occurrences in most societies in Sub-Sahara Africa as we speak.

How many other women have been beaten to death because of infidelity; but our men talk about their infidelity as if it's a trophy to display to their pals.

Crimes against women and girl-children is now a scourge to be addressed by the political parties in this region. I am yet to see just one article written by any Mthwakazi parties condemning the sexual abuse on children especially. Does this region only condemn the Zanu PF sarcastic dealing with the people of this region but are blind to atrocities committed by men and women against girls especially? Why are these numerous parties in Mthwakazi mum about sexual crimes on small children, young girls, women and even grandmothers are not spared? Why are they not picking up such issues and address them at their party manifestos and rallies? Can we see just one article in the social media critically analysing the crimes committed by men on women and girl-children in Mthwakazi nation?

MLO would like to tell us that Mthwakazi is a peaceful nation: the crime committed by Prymore Moyo was a one-off crime otherwise we are peaceful: he wrote. Good!! Does this mean abuse of sexual nature to children do not constitute crimes against humanity because they are women, grandmothers and girls anywhere? Yet MLO-Mthwakazi still wants to be seen in light as a peaceful nation according to MLO spokesperson. There is this wistfulness to want to sing fully uphold Mthwakazi as a super-human nation from other societies in Zimbabwe. When it comes to crime there is no society that can claim innocence of crimes because a crime can be committed by any society and anywhere globally.

In this loaded context, I wish to sincerely apologize for mixing up MLO and MLF in my previous article. I was addressing MLF- Israel Dube who sentenced me to death by hanging because I am critical of their ideology regarding issues in Mthwakazi. I still repeat that taking up arms to liberate this region will be costly to women, children and livelihoods more than men. If a war is provoked in this region, it is the men who will have provoked it, will take cover in South Africa leaving women and children at the mercy of Zanu PF military; the Sixth Brigade. The Gukurahundi atrocities will be relived once more. Just this contra I made consciously, I deserve death sentence: the Winnie Mandela style of tying my hands and dousing me with benzine or paraffin and be set ablaze: that capital punishment is awaiting me on my arrival in Bulawayo. Is that not criminality: murderous intents?

It is high time academics and scholars took this issue of violence in our societies seriously in Zimbabwe or South Africa. We need to know the root cause of violence and its origin. We need to find the thread that will assist to unpack the root causes of violence of this magnitude in these two southern African states; Zimbabwe and South Africa. Lets critically look at the "noble war" that was the only option back then to remove colonialism and reclaim our lands back.

Not to pre-empt any scholarly research on violence, the former President Mr. Jacob Zuma touched it: he said verbatim: "At independence we failed to go back to the people and tell them that liberation war was "noble violence" to reclaim our national heritage, but we are now independent, violence it is a thing of the past" said President Zuma. Societies should work towards finding solutions to violence that has become an epidemic especially in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Gun violence or machete violence destroys the fabric of our societies and it cannot go on like this. Violence cannot be a corrective or cannot be a culture to cope with. The fact that governments are not addressing violence at political puts the future societies at risk of violence becoming inherent in our societies. Konje ludlakela lokubhinya abantwana ludlakela!!! (I mean everything is by force and violence even sexual abuse of children it is the use of force and entitlement.)

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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