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Another Zanu PF youth side show presser

04 Feb 2020 at 12:34hrs | Views
The cartels and their cohorts causing the economic hardships in the country are real and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, ought to flex his muscles than just a talk.

If  the whole nation wants to take him seriously as the CEO of the country, President Emmerson Mnangagwa must take action and if he fails then Zimbabweans are being sold a dummy by the ruling party.

The President must not pretend to be ignorant of the real criminals surrounding him just like what the former President used to do. There are people who are very corrupt and have taken advantage of the very weak laws to deal with graft.

Everyday we see these cartels eating and dining together with Zanu PF leadership but nothing happens to them. Who does not know the existence of the fuel cartel gangsters in Zimbabwe, Who does not know about the Command Agriculture looters?

It has been the order of the day where the leaders of the ruling party always shy away from the real truth and accuse the West of sabotaging their vision.  Zanu PF leaders always throw barbs at the Western countries accusing them of imposing sanctions on the country when in reality the country has been brought down by massive corruption right at the top.

Who will deal with people who are being protected by this corrupt government? Now that some names have been mentioned several times for example Tagwireyi and Billy Rautenbach.

Are these people the only ones who are corrupt or it is the entire system which is rotten?

I do not think Zimbabweans are so dull that they don't know what is happening in the country or not aware of the elephant in the room.

The people have now opened their eyes and are watching. Why the fuel cartels can't get arrested by ZACC and the cronies not locked behind bars and convicted remains a million dollar question.

On several times the ruling party has admitted that their house is very corrupt and at one time their youth department published a list of corrupt ministers and the President promised  to investigate and not even an initial investigation was carried and it died a silent death. No one knows what happened to that list up to now. Who is holding it back?

It is interesting that the leadership has become so clueless to such an extent that they start blaming climatic changes of causing economic challenges facing the country. They can't face reality.  I strongly agree with the youths who are saying there are cartels within the ruling party who have destroyed the country economy.

However yesterday's presser to name and shame corrupt individuals was a half baked work. It sounded more like another side show designed to divert our focus from real pressing issues.

Corruption has been the epicentre of the ruling party's survival tactics. They have struggled to solve the myriad issues that have hobbled both the country's political coin for decades. I suspect these so called Zanu PF youth leaders  are being used to fight internal factional wars and soon they will be sacrificed. This is the Zanu PF way of doing things, and nothing new will come out that presser which they held.  No arrests and no prosecutions but a very pregnant side show

We are waiting to hear those same boring responses from the leaders telling us that they have taken note of the complaints from the youth department and that they are going to institute a commission of enquiry and investigations. Simon Khaya Moyo will be at it again penning  their usual "revolutionary" communique.

We have a problem in Zimbabwe where the ruling party always accuse the opposition, the sanctions and climatic weather pattern for their own failures. In reality the economy is talking on the ground and there is high rate of unemployment which has caused the mushrooming of vendors all over the country.

Time for the opposition to take this fight to the wire and complete the battle. Zanu PF has exposed itself that it has been captured and that their lifeline has been necessitated by  corruption.

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